Best Leg Exercises For Mass


Let’s be honest, rather than sitting at home and watching tv all day; you decided to exercise. This is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Working out is more than just a way to lose weight or to look good. It’s the level of productivity and energy it brings to our lives.

Now, many of us work out for different reasons. For instance, you may love to have abs, and another person may desire huge biceps. Different people have different desires. However, one of the goals of working out is to have ‘perfect shape.’

Simply put, having a perfect shape means that your whole body complements each other. In other words, you don’t look like an improper fraction. There are a lot of steps to take towards this, but for this article, we would be looking at the best leg exercises for mass. Let’s begin.

4 Best Leg Exercises For Mass


This is one of the basic foundations. When you’re doing squats, it targets some parts of the leg muscle such as the glutes, hamstrings and the quadriceps. Depending on your capacity, you may choose to perform workout procedures that are intense or moderate.

Romanian deadlifts:  

Since your goal is to build mass, this exercise would help in building the glutes and hamstrings. It depends on you. You can start with 3- 4 sets of 7- 13 repetitions for each set.


Walking up the stairs may seem easy until it becomes a routine. However, step-ups are beneficial. This targets the glutes, tights, and quadriceps. You may use your weight, or you may use dumbbells.

Using the leg press 

Sometimes, this may be abused and may cause injuries. When it is used correctly, it can be very effective as it helps in building the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. The plates you load on the sledge will determine if your routine will be easy or hard.

Final Words About Best Leg Exercises For Mass

Finally, the main aim of this article is for you to build an attractive physique. Your workout routine will not be fruitful if you focus on building one part of your body. You might feel the pains as you do this leg exercise, but it’s all part of the process. 

You need to understand that it is the only way to improve your leg growth. So, you need to ignore the temporary pain you feel at the moment. You need to focus on the beauty that comes when you focus on having the perfect body shape. These are some of the best leg exercises for mass. I hope this helps you on your journey. Cheers!

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