Best Weight Bench Mat To Buy [Reviews]

After setting up the perfect home workout space with the right equipment, stereo, and other devices, it is likely that you’re missing one important final piece for the floor. The weight bench mat has different functions in a gym, which is why you are likely to find one in every gym.

 Do you want to keep your beautiful flooring safe from impact shock from the heavy equipment? The right weight bench mat can reduce the impact of shock and help increase stability. It will also help to protect the floor from scratches and cracks.

Top 8 Best Weight Bench Mat – Reviews

1. Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat

weight bench floor mat


Review: This mat is perfect for people who want to recreate a gym at home. You have to piece the mat together and place your machine on top. If you want to save some money and not buy the complete set, you can only buy the pieces that are required to put under the corners of your machine, like a treadmill or a bike. The thing is if you want to be completely sure that the machine won’t slide around, buying the complete set is the solution for that.

  • Squares that you can put together and separate whenever you like
  • Every part is water-resistant and non-slip
  • A high-density EVA foam that is pretty durable
  • A texture that gives amazing cushioning
  • If you plan on doing a high-intensity workout, the pieces might start to separate if you previously don’t tape them together

2. XMark Fitness Xmat Ultra Thick Gym Flooring

xmark fitness xmat ultra thick gym flooring


Review: This flooring mat is great for putting the equipment that you have at home. Weight benches and other machines can fit perfectly on top of the mat, and it’s durable enough to endure thousands of workout sessions without needing to be replaced.

  • The mat is made of recycled rubber, so you will have a hand in saving the environment.
  • 4’ x 6’ is the size of the mat, which is a great size to fit a bunch of different equipment.
  • Its surface is non-slip
  • Because it is made of rubber, you can be sure that it is pretty durable
  • The rubber makes it pretty rough, so minimal cushioning.

3. IncStores Rubber Roll Gym Floor Mat

IncStores Rubber Roll Gym Floor Mat


Review: Amazing floor mat for the heavier equipment and the equipment that won’t fit in your regular floor mat. With this mat, you can cut off the perfect proportion you need in order to fit your equipment or machines that don’t fit other mats.

  • Pretty easy to cut and make shapes that will fit your equipment
  • Comes in numerous different colors
  • It is durable and absorbs most of your shock or impact that you have in your workout
  • Being so durable, it will be heavy, so choose the place you want to put it and don’t move it around.

4. Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Floor Mat

Rubber Cal Elephant Bark Floor Mat


Review: The best thing about these mats is that they come in numerous sizes. You can either get one that is that will fit your normal machine or you can get one that is as long as 25 feet, to cover your whole room. Gluing them to your floor will reduce the problem of them moving around.

  • This mat absorbs vibrations and sound
  • It is pretty tough and durable
  • It is water resistant
  • It isn’t soft enough for your floor workouts

5. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat


Review: This mat is great if you want an option to customize your layout of the mat. This mat is made of EVA foam interlocking tiles, which are pretty durable and shock absorbing, plus they have good cushioning for your floor workouts and dropping your weights.

  • This mat comes in a couple of different thicknesses, so you can choose who much cushioning you want.
  • It is water-resistant and pretty easy to clean
  • Very durable and can absorb a good amount of shock and vibrations
  • It is light so you can move it around
  • The pieces when put together won’t stay that way if you plan on having a high-intensity workout

6. We Sell Mats

We Sell Mats


Review: The previous mats on this list weren’t specially made for your floor workout, but these mats are great if you want more padding underneath you while you work out. All of the pieces are customizable and they are thick for you high-intensity workouts.

  • Every piece is made from non-toxic materials
  • The mat is 2’’ thick
  • This mat can be great for yoga and Pilates styled workouts
  • It is customizable giving you options for finding the right place to put it
  • Due to its size and thickness, this mat is pretty heavy so moving it around can be difficult

7. Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large

Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Weight Bench Mat


Review: A pretty durable mat that is perfect for use at home for all of your workouts. It will perfectly protect you and your floors.

  • Well-cushioned for your floor workouts
  • Comes in 8’ x 4’ making it a mat that will fit anything on it
  • If you get the mat wet, you may have a problem, because it will be slippery, so make sure you have a towel nearby.

8. Yes4All EVA Interlocking Exercise Foam Mats

Yes4All EVA Interlocking Weight Bench Mat


Review: Coming in at 12” x 12”, these tiles will provide a great work out area. Placing them on your carpet will prevent damages to your carpet and it will absorb any impact of your equipment.

  • It has a non-slip textured surface
  • The EVA foam absorbs the shocks and vibrations
  • It is water-resistant
  • Make sure to measure how much space you want to be covered, because one box set may not be enough

Weight bench floor mats that you should consider getting for your gym

Rubber floor mat

rubber floor mat - Weight Bench Mat

You may find rubber mats in various gyms which you have been to and there is a reason for that. Rubber is a durable, sturdy and resilient material which makes it perfect to be used as floor protection. This mats come in different levels of thickness and width to suit the preference of the user.

Rubber mats can be used as weight bench floor mats because they provide the required protection and can be easily setup to cover all kinds of surfaces. 

  • Rubber mats are easy to install over different floors
  • There are sound proof
  • Rubber mats are durable and shock absorbent
  • Rubber mats are heavy


Carpets For Gym

Carpets for gym

The use of carpets as floor protection is common in most home gyms. It is soft and easy to maintain and it prevents the floor from damages. Apart from being used as weight bench floor mats, carpets can be used for other workouts. They provide much-needed traction and stability when exercising. As weight bench mat, carpets hold up well against weights when training. They, however, require regular cleaning to prevent odors and dirt.

  • Carpets are soft and comfortable
  • Carpets are very versatile and can be used as more than just weight bench mats
  • Carpets are poor shock absorbers
  • They get dirty and smelly frequently

Foam Mats For Gym

Foam Mats for Gym

Foam is the most comfortable flooring protection and they can also be used as weight bench floor mats. They provide good protection from shock, which makes them perfect to carry out workouts. Foam mats are cheap and easy to install, which saves you installation costs as well. They also make excellent resting areas when tired. However, foam mats require frequent changes, especially when used to support heavy weights.

  • Foams mats are versatile
  • Foam mats are quite comfortable compared to others
  • Foam mats are not durable and require frequent changing

Interlocking Mats

Interlocking Mats

Interlocking mats are the perfect flooring options. They help protect the floor from heavy equipment and damages from weight racks. Interlocking mats are made from different materials, including foam, rubber and plastics, although they are expensive when compared to other options. 

Interlocking mats are often light weight and can be easily carried about. They are also very versatile and can be used in different areas of the gym. Interlocking mats are easy to clean when dirty and can be easily installed.

  • Interlocking mats are easy to clean
  • There are very versatile and can be used in various areas of the gym
  • Interlocking mats are not durable
  • They are expensive

Vinyl mats for gym

vinyl mats for gym

Vinyl mats have several favorable attributes that make them perfect to be used as weight bench floor mats. This mats are mold, moisture resistant and provide protection from all sorts of damages. Vinyl mats are very reliable and can handle the effect of harsh chemicals which are commonly used for cleaning. However, they are not very durable and can be damaged by sharp materials or when not handle carefully. Vinyl mats are the cheapest option of floor protection available.

  • Vinyl mats are reliable and they last long
  • They are resistant to chemicals and moisture
  • There can be used as floor protection in different areas of the gym
  • This mats are affordable when compared to the other mats
  • Vinyl mats have a low shock absorbency
  • They can easily be damaged by objects with sharp edges

Artificial turfs for gym

Artificial turfs for gym

There is a reason why artificial turfs are used by most standard gyms as weight bench floor mats. There are perfect for workouts and help increase athletic performances without risk of injury. The surfaces are designed to support heavy weights and allow you to add sled pulls to strength training while providing traction. 

Artificial turfs are durable and do not crack under the pressure of heavy weight. They are also easy to clean when they get dirty.

  • Artificial turfs are attractive and make a visual statement
  • They are designed to boost athletic performances
  • There are durable and reliable
  • Artificial turfs are the most expensive mats available
  • There are not very comfortable to rest on
  • Artificial turfs can also lead to infections when not properly cleaned

Things to consider before selecting a weight bench mat

With many options available, selecting the right weight bench floor mat can be difficult. There are several things to consider before finally committing to one as what may work for another person may not work for you. Things to consider include;

Size of the area

You have to consider the size of the mat you need and this depends on the area to be covered. You also have to decide if the mat will be used for other activities. 


Durability is a very important factor to consider in choosing a mat because the weight of the equipment can lead to the material wearing out over time. If you are going to be working out regularly, you have to select something that can withstand the daily trials.


The budget is one of the most important things to consider when carrying out various activities and it is the same when purchasing a bench mat for your gym. You have to take into consideration the initial cost, cost of maintenance as well as the durability before finally selecting a mat.


It is worth investing in these products. The best gym flooring for your home gym can improve your experience while making sure you, the floor, and your equipment are safe. Making this investment will surely give you the experience you needed and will prevent any of your equipment getting damaged when placing them on the floor.

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