Everything About Hanging Leg Raises With Twists

The hanging leg raises with twists, which is some kind of advanced version of the standard hanging leg raise, is also an exercise for gaining strength that helps in developing your muscles on the abdomen and targets the obliques at the same time. While doing this exercise, try squeezing oblique muscles at the highest point of the movement to achieve ripped abs.

What Are The Benefits Of Hanging Leg Raise With Twist

Hanging Leg Raise with Twist Benefits

  • The hanging leg raise is very helpful for strengthening your shoulders and arms because it is performed in a position with hanging.
  • Your body weight performs as the resistance, which helps to increase your building tolerance and stamina.

Hanging Leg Raises With Twists Exercise Information

  • Other Name For This Exercise: Hanging Oblique Knee Raise
  • Type Of The Exercise: Strength
  • Your Level Of Skills: Expert
  • Equipment You Will Need: Pull-up Bar, Body
  • Muscles Primary Worked: Abdominals; Secondary: Lats, Obliques, Hips, Arms, Shoulders
  • Alternative Substitute/Forms: Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raise with Twists – How To?

First, hold on to a pull-up bar and after that hang with the hands in position a tad wider than width of your shoulders and your legs are fully extended. Keep your body straight and knees together. This is your starting position.

Firstly, start slowly flexing your knees and hips, and after that bring the legs up. You need to lift the knees to the right side and go beyond 90-ninety degrees at your hips. Squeeze your abs and when you get to the highest point of the movement.

You need to lower the hips slowly and back to the position your were initially in. Repeat these moves on the left side as well.

Do as many reps as you want.

Hanging Leg Raise with Twists Tips

Try to avoid swinging, and try to control the way you move your knees, hips and abs during this exercise.

If you have any problems with your back please avoid this exercise.

Twisting Hanging Leg Raise Proper Form: Video


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