Face Off: Hack Squat vs Leg Press

When you compare hack squat vs leg press, both of these moves work the quads, but which one exceeds at isolating the teardrop, or so-called inner thigh?

Hack Squat vs Leg Press

Hack Squat

Due to the fact that we have a lot of muscles in the legs, it is highly important that multi-joint moves. The activities that require all larger muscle groups of the legs together — make up most of our routine. Luckily, this exercise is such a move. The hack squad hits all the main muscles.

However, we can involve some muscles more, some less based on foot position. When you start your move, ensure your body is secure, and after that press lower back, so you’re supporting from head to glutes. While you go down, you should keep knees in position, tracking over feet, but you shouldn`t rebound from the back position, but make a soft transition while you go upward. Make sure your abs are tight and feet to stay flat on the floor all the time.

Leg Press

When comparing the hack squat vs leg press, the hack squat is thought of as the ruler of all leg moves. The leg press is a different workout, and almost all of us prefer this exercise because we are able to eliminate the lower-body muscle fibers.  The leg press is able to target the hamstrings and glutes and quads too, to a specific extent. I have been pointing out the glutes less, due to the fact that you cannot make full-hip extension as our body is 90 degrees bent. This can make you unable to innervate the glutes and the upper hamstrings compared to the squat and hack squats to a degree.

Still, with the leg-press, you’re able to rest the body a bit more than when you are exercising leg squats, which is useful in helping the mind muscle bond for the lower body muscles.

Hack Squat vs Leg Press –  Winner

Hack Squat vs Leg Press -  Winner

I presented you a little sign above, but were you able to get it? If you didn’t catch that small clue above, overall champion in the leg press. Analysis has proved that our winner is the best workout on the inner quad or vastus medialis. While you are in your leg press, hips are bent at the end of every repetition at a 90-degree angle. That causes less action of the glutes and hams, which makes leg press exercise one of the best exercises for quads.

The study shows that no matter whether you have your feet wide apart on the footplate or close together, the involvement of the medialis is more successful than the other three quad muscles. However, the hack squat is great at exceeding at targeting vastus lateralis or the outer sweep, and this is also highly crucial for great legs. A regular shoulder-width position is effective, but to make the effect even better, try moving feet about 12″ apart.

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