Polar H10 vs H7 – Which is better?

Using a heart rate monitor for your workouts can offer many great benefits, such as how much effort your body is actually exerting, when to work harder or slow down, and it also provides objective progress data. Polar is a great brand that offers excellent-quality heart rate monitors such as the H10 and the H7. Here is a comparison of the two models – Polar H10 vs H7, when looking at some factors to help you decide which is better. 

Polar H10 vs H7 – Which is better?



One of the major physical differences between the H7 and the H10 is that the strap on the H10 comes with over 50 rubber dots on the inside, to provide better adhesion to your skin. This is great when you’re working out and begin to sweat, as it prevents the band from slipping. The band on the H7 model is smooth, and prone to moving slightly more, which can be inconvenient, and at times, uncomfortable. 

It is important to note that with both models, the straps are removable and interchangeable. If you have issues with either band, and you have the alternative style at home, you can swap them out.

Operation Time

The H10 model can work for up to 400 hours, before the battery needs to be replaced. The H7 model can only operate for a maximum of 200 hours before the batteries need to be changed. Without a doubt, 200 hours is still a long time, but there really is no competition here. 


Both of these models have the ability to track information about your exercise session, but only the H10 can store this information. The H10 is also the only model that is capable of receiving software updates, allowing the monitor to improve as Polar improves its software. H7 is not able to receive these updates, so you monitor cannot improve alongside the latest technology.


The H7 model costs approximately $58, while the H10 model is a bit more expensive, at around $90. It is easy to see why the H10 is more costly – it has more features, a more extended battery, more comfort, etc. But for novice users, the H7 is still a perfectly helpful tool to help them measure their heart rate. 

Final Thoughts on Polar H10 vs H7

It might come as no surprise that the Polar H10 is by far the most superior model. A couple of generations newer than the Polar H7, it took all the benefits of that model, but fixed all of its drawbacks as well, creating a new and improved version. 

Perhaps the only downside to the H10 is that it costs more. While some people might think it’s worth the investment, others might feel as though the cheaper and more basic H7 still gets the job done perfectly fine. If you are a beginner just getting started with heart rate monitors, this is a great introduction. When it really comes down to Polar H10 vs H7, your final choice should also reflect your personal preferences and how you intend to use it. 


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