Polygon Bikes Review – Polygon Mountain Bikes

Polygon Bikes Review – Polygon Mountain Bikes

One of the bike brands that follow a consumer-direct sales model, Polygon offers a line of affordable, competitively-priced bikes that athletes and general users love for years. In recent years, the brand has started catching attention. And only because of the bold designs and budget-friendly mountain bikes it has introduced. Today, we review Polygon mountain bikes. We`ll take a closer look at the features and specialities of these bikes to learn more about them.

Polygon Bikes Review – UPDATED 2020


Polygon Bikes are trusted by top athletes across the world for the outstanding performance and comfort they offer. The brand offers a wide range of high-performance bikes across multiple categories to cater to the preferences and requirements of different types of riders. You can find road bikes designed for women, urban and tourism purposes as well as mountain bikes in a wide variety of build and design to suit varying applications and terrains.

Polygon bikes provide an example of how low-cost trail bikes can deliver everything one would want to have an extraordinary ride. These bikes are equipped with a modern geometry that suits modern riders and present-day standards. They offer the highest in class when talking about a bottom bracket, head angle, wheelbase and reach. All the components of their bikes are close to perfection, and everything works so flawlessly.

Lightweight frame construction goes hand in hand with the innovative suspension to deliver an unbeatable ride on any trail amidst the most extreme conditions. Polygon bikes are designed to provide a quick transition and handle a variety of terrain. They embed a modern, powerful suspension system that helps riders enjoy the best of speed while extending their range. The newest lines of Polygon mountain bikes pack amazing features and offer them at a much affordable price as compared to the competitors.

Polygon Dual Suspension – What You Should Know?

Polygon Dual Suspension

What makes Polygon bikes unique in the world of high-performance bikes is its innovative suspension design. The newest is the R3ACT featured in its XSQUAREONE line that enables pedalling like a short-travel trail bike. This suspension design is a short link 4-bar arrangement which is different than regular ones. Instead of the lower link regarded as the primary one, this design gives the title to the upper link.

The lower link, in this design, not only pivots but also slides. It is essentially a long stanchion residing within the massive rear swingarm and rotating near the bottom bracket. This sliding component has no damping of any kind. Though this suspension system is not the only one in the market, it is remarkable in the current scenario. The Polygon dual-suspension also has one more unique principle. It depends entirely on the suspension kinematics for optimum pedalling efficiency. The suspension does well at smoothing out bumps of any sizes to let you focus on your efficiency.

Polygon Siskui D5

Polygon Siskiu D5

A capable full-suspension mountain bike offering at a budget-friendly price, Polygon Siskui D5 uses the same technology as other Siskui bikes to deliver excellent performance and reliability which backs your next adventure. The Siskui D5 features a lightweight aluminium frame construction with modern geometry to suit new-age riders. The bike also comes with long reach, short chain-stay and slack head tube angle to boost the performance regardless of the conditions. The manufacturer has upgraded the anti-squat and suspension on this bike to improve the performance. The frame also includes a bottle mount.

High-quality components guarantee reliable, smooth action in the most extreme torque conditions like steep hills. Siskui also includes the best hydraulic disc brakes with the latest levers and callipers to deliver confidence in any condition. A set of alloy components like stem, handlebars and Seatpost work together to provide a powerful, lightweight bike for a memorable ride.

Polygon MTB Mountain Bike Review

Polygon Mountain Bike Review

Polygon offers a huge range of high-performance mountain bikes to serve a wide variety of bikers. One of the greatest introductions is the XSQUAREONE designed to be the ultimate solution for any type of rider. This revolutionary bike comes with a new kind of suspension system. This system enables riders to perform well across various trails with an excellent blend of efficiency and smoothness.

This line of mountain bikes is designed to move quickly over obstacles to improve lap times, enhance trail confidence and reduce fatigue. XSQUAREONE DH series bikes are intended to be gravity-oriented with advanced DNA to deliver unbeatable pedalling performance.

Another range of Polygon mountain bikes is the Colossus dual suspension bike designed explicitly for hardcore terrain. These bikes are equipped with a solid suspension system to enable riders to cross any trail and compete at the highest level. This line consists of some of the highly trusted bikes that athletes use for competing. Siskiu is another mountain bike from Polygon that features a full aluminum suspension with a unique combination of technology and parts to deliver a ride in the most aggressive conditions.

Polygon MTB

These are fast, aggressive, agile bikes. Another modern trail mountain bike is the Entiat TR line that suits riders who demand more aggressive hardtail. Catering the riders who want to enjoy riding on a variety of terrain is the XTRADA series that features durable and reliable components. PREMIER is a versatile mountain bike equipped with modern geometry for a highly comfortable leisure ride. Another mountain bike built for smooth weekend rides is the CASCADE while CLEO is mainly designed to serve women. Polygon MTB bikes are popular for their robust build quality and excellent performance and relied upon by athletes and leisure riders across the globe.

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