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Bodyboss Home Gym 2.0 Review

It is getting more and more popular with people that they like portability when it comes to working out. Because people are becoming more active, they want a solution when it comes to travel and working out. The Bodyboss portable gym is the perfect thing for people that want to travel and work out.


Bodyboss Home Gym 2.0 Review

Bodyboss Home Gym 2.0 Review


This Bodyboss home gym 2.0 review has been made to explain why this product will be something that you will enjoy. Also, this Bodyboss home gym 2.0 review will tell you why so many people have gotten this Bodyboss portable gym.

Check out this Bodyboss home gym 2.0 review to get the detail on why this product is one of the best-selling band-based home gyms on Amazon.

Next, we will show you some pros and cons about the product:

  • Super portable, which means you can take it anywhere with you
  • A base, door anchor and a bar are all included with the purchase
  • Comes in a nice case
  • You only get two bands per product


This product from Bodyboss has a unique way of connecting your bands. Plus, having a collapsible bar and a place to connect handles gives you the option of having a way to perform dumbbell styled exercises.

This can literary be your complete gym set up in your home. Having all these features with just one product gives the Bodyboss home gym 2.0 a huge advantage from all the other products sold in this market.

The company has always wanted to give the customers products that are super convenient and everyone, not just fitness enthusiasts, can use it. Today’s market options are endless, but no one has come close in giving the customers a complete home gym set up quite like Bodyboss.


What You Should Consider When Getting A Portable Home Gym

So, why are home gyms so popular now? Well, people have become busier in life. Many people have to travel because of their job, so they can’t take any time to go to the gym. The only thing for them now is getting a portable gym to use where ever they go.

This is the perfect way to stay in shape and without going to the gym. Whether you are on vacation or you are somewhere doing your job, you will always have something at home waiting for you.

This product is not made for bodybuilders or powerlifters, but more for people who go to the gym casually and do regular workouts. There are different home gyms when it comes to bodybuilders like a power rack or leverage gyms.

Here are some things you should think about before purchasing a home gym:

Can The Home Gym Satisfy Your Work Out Regime And Fitness Goals?

Now you should be careful about this; it is not just getting it and splashing the money. You should research if the exercises you are doing at the gym can be done on the home gym product. The portable gym is designed for people that are constantly on the move and can find time to go to the gym. The body boss 2.0 is good for certain types of workouts so see if they are the ones that you do.

Are The Quality And Durability Good?

Reassure that the product you are buying in well designed and can withstand all the exercises. Quality and durability are two reasons why home gyms are making a boom on the market. They should last you a long time and getting the best of the best should be a priority.

How Much Will You Have To Pay?

This should be reasonable; the amount of money you will pay doesn’t have to be very much. The home gym is designed to be a substitute. It is just a fraction of what you will get if you go to a gym, so don’t overpay for something that is just a concept.

How Good Is The Warranty?

Another thing you can look for to determine if the product is good or not is the warranty. Try to find a product with a good warranty when you are browsing home gyms.


The Features Of The BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

bodyboss 2.0 reviews


The Bands

When you get the Bodyboss home gym 2.0 you get 2 bands that can hold up to 30 pounds of resistance. With making the bands a bit shorter, you can increase the resistance. They are covered with cloth and both ends have clips used to attach them to the base.

While reading multiple body boss reviews, we have seen that some people want more than just 2 bands. But you will have to pay extra if you want additional bands. There are opposite Bodyboss reviews that say that all they need is two bands, so you see it all comes down to preference.

The Base

Now, this is the part where Bodyboss 2.0 shines. Other homey gyms or band-based home gyms don’t come with a base like this one. The base is a platform where you will do your exercises and place all the attachments.

When it comes to band exercises, this base will solve the problem of standing on the bands, which can sometimes be a nightmare. On the base, lots of exercises can be performed.

Another thing that is great about the base is that it allows you to adjust the resistance. The way to increase the resistance is by shortening the bands. There are two hooks; you have to attach the bands to one of them and run it through the other to make it shorter.

On each side of the base, you can place up to 5 bands. This is another way to increase the resistance. That way, you are getting a resistance that is enough for any person to work out.

The cool thing about this base is that it is foldable. So whenever you are going on a trip and want to bring your base with you, you just fold it up and place it in a case.

Workouts can get intense, so the bottom of the base is non-slip to make sure it doesn’t move, and everything is padded to add extra comfort while exercising.

The Attachments

With the purchase of the Body boss 2.0, you are getting some nice attachments. One of them is the collapsible bar. Exercises like normal squats and pop squats are made easier by attaching the bar to the bands and later on the base.

You will also get to handles that can help you with exercises for biceps and triceps. Both the bar and the handles have been padded for extra comfort.

The final attachment that comes with the Body boss 2.0 is a door anchor that helps you with exercises for your shoulders and back. There is also a manual in the box with all the equipment that will show you all the exercises you can do with the product.

There are also links to the official site where pre-recorded videos have been uploaded so you can fully see how to get the best out of the Bodyboss 2.0. Also on the site, you will find extra equipment such as the RepLoop that helps you track your exercise.

With all the attachments you are getting, you will be able to do exercises for every part of your body. There have been some downsides which users have talked about in some Bodyboss 2.0 reviews. Downsides are that some exercises like bench presses and deadlifts are not the same with this home gym.

To be fair, nothing is quite like the gym, but you are still getting a decent work out at home with the Bodyboss 2.0. There are chest exercises you can do that replace the bench press, and you will still see improvement in due time.


Bodyboss 2.0 Exercises 

Bodyboss 2.0 Exercises 


With Bodyboss 2.0, you are able to do up to 300 different exercises. So you see that you have tons of choices when it comes to exercises. We mentioned earlier that this home gym isn’t perfect for bodybuilders and athletes.

But, with getting all of the attachments and some extra bands, any bodybuilder or athlete can still get a decent work out if they don’t have access to a gym. People who travel for work stay in hotels with poorly equipped gyms or don’t have one at all. So, this is the next best solution to their problem.


Let’s check out what customers have been saying about the body boss 2.0

We have sat down and did some reading on the Bodyboss 2.0. We have read through tons of positive reviews of people who actually have it at home.

People have been saying that because of the Bodyboss 2.0 they have managed to reach their fitness goals while working out at home.

Because some people don’t live near a gym. They don’t have space in their home to get some other exercise equipment or just be on the road all the time working. The Bodyboss has come into their lives and made exercising much easier.


Other Options Besides The Bodyboss 2.0

1. BandBoard Portable Home Gym

BandBoard Portable Home Gym


One of the options that you have besides the Bodyboss is the BandBoard. This is something that is quite like the Bodyboss but lacks in some areas.

The Bandboard comes with a smaller base than the Bodyboss, but it has the 2 handles and 2 bands just like the Bodyboss. The company that makes this product says that you can do up to 300 different exercises with this model.

Unlike the Bodyboss, this model doesn’t come with a bar or limb straps. Nevertheless, this is an amazing alternative to the Bodyboss and will still give you a decent work out while you are at home or traveling.

2. BodyGym Core System Portable Home Gym

BodyGym Core System Portable Home Gym


This portable home gym is one of those who revolve around one bar. The Body Gym Core is a home gym that is highly used by celebrities. This product comes with a bar, 2 bands, one nice travel bag, and a DVD that shows you the types of exercises you can do.

This product is more considered as a space saver than a portable home gym. Some of the exercises that can be done on this product require you to use a chair. This is another alternative if you aren’t able to get your hand on a Bodyboss 2.0.

3. Gymwell Portable Home Gym 2.0

Gymwell Portable Home Gym 2.0


Last but not least is the Gymwell Portable home gym 2.0. This may be the closest you will get to the Bodyboss 2.0. The big difference is that this product doesn’t have a base like the Bodyboss. The bands you are going to use will be strapped to some ankle cuffs.

It has most of the attachments that the Bodyboss has and they are pretty similar to it, in quality and in design. This product also comes with a travel bag and an app that you can download on your phone to get some tips for your workouts.

Gymwell Portable home gym 2.0 is not the Bodyboss 2.0, but it is the closest thing you can get. Plus, this product weighs a little less than the Bodyboss.


Bodyboss Home Gym 2.0 Review Conclusion

We will end this article saying that no other home gym comes close to the Bodyboss 2.0. Having the solid base that you can do various exercises on, plus strap all of the bands you are planning to use, is quite amazing.

Having the option to choose from 300 different exercises and being able to see each of them how is perfectly performed just give the Bodyboss so many advantages.

Now it all comes down to choice. You are the one that will have to check out which exercises you can do at home and on this product. Being able to have this type of a portable home gym is truly amazing.


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