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Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Review

When you search to buy a rowing machine, you tend to get bogged down and baffled by their names. You wave through a feeling that fitness equipment manufacturers do not put creative stuff in naming their rowing machine models and exciting buyers to buy them. 

Hold on! Have you ever conquered this feeling that it is not the name but the rowing machine within a budget to suit your pocket and to have great features to get you the real benefits?

Here is one, Marcy NS-40503RW rowing machine. NS-40503RW is a model that combines excellent quality with the price is worth considering and exploring the benefits for you. Marcy rowing machine is undoubtedly a tough competition for the brands within the price bracket of $300, offering you some great features outlined here.

Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Features and Benefits 

Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine Features and Benefits 


Padded seat 

Giving you the option of a trouble-free assembling, except for some assistance, if you are not experienced in flat-pack or basic DIY, Marcy has an appealing padded comfortable seat. The seat is designed well and soft, providing all sorts of the right support. Worth noticing is that the seat with other similar price range rowing machines is not offered with padding and you need to have a supplementary one.  

Good rowing position

Marcy is the best fit when it comes to rowing positions, especially for the guys who are within the normal height of 6 feet. The angled beam/rail that Marco is supplemented with adds a little extra work for your muscles to do. This feature ensures Marcy rowing machine to provide a great full-body workout. This will boost your cardio-vascular fit while burning fat, and at the same time, tone up your body.

However, for guys over 6 feet tall, the beam may not be adequate to complete a full drive. Also, may not benefit the muscles and cardiovascular system.

Well-suited footrest and well-padded handle

The footrests of Marcy RW are designed in a way to suit the most feet. However, to rule out any trouble during the middle of a workout, it is required that you must clean the Velcro strap whenever occasionally.  

Marco rowing machine comes with a well-padded handle to have a good fit for most hands. This nicely-padded handle guarantees blister-free hands, ensuring a leisurely row. 

Eight levels of adjustable magnetic resistance

Eight levels of adjustable magnetic resistance


Marcy is supported with a fabulous magnetic flywheel along with seat squeaks for a smoother row. In addition, it provides eight modes of adjustable resistance ranges that function by a knob located beneath the handle for easy access. For a relaxed row, its range is varied enough for low le. The highest range could be challenging if you are not used to intense workouts.


Price always remains a consideration while you decide to look out and purchase any fitness equipment. Most of the time, you are constrained to limit your purchase within your budget.

Marcy is available at a price that might suit your budget. NS-40503RW model is among the lowest the price magnetic rowers. The Marcy 40503 model’s cost puts itself at an edge because of its reasonable price with incredible features. It is listed in the best rowing machine under $300 category.

Soothing Display

Marcy NS model gives you the joy of a user-friendly good-sized LCD display. During your workout, the data display will show you the time elapsed, the number of strokes, and the estimated calories burnt. 

As per the update, you can adjust the display height for easy reach and the use of 2xAA batteries ensures that you need not plug the rower into the mains.

The monitor gives you the necessary displayed information, but you cannot expect much better within this rowing machine’s price range.


Marcy NS-40503RW rowing machine fetches you much more than what you might have thought of in this budget. It is best suited for 15-20 minutes good workout a day.  If you are looking for a rowing machine to be used by more people at your home, you need to shell out more and spend beyond your budget.

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