NordicTrack c2200 Treadmill Review

NordicTrack C2200 Review – Is it a Good Treadmill?

Are you looking for a treadmill suitable for light walking and doesn’t cost a fortune? Icon Fitness, the leading treadmill manufacturer in the USA, produces The NordicTrack c2200, a machine that can be found at a very reasonable price for around $700.

The NordicTrack c2200 treadmill comes with a large display (7“ x 10“) where it reads your pulse, speed, pace, distance, time, segment time, incline, calories and carbs burned. It also comes with hand grip heart monitors, which are not usual with such low-cost models. These hand grip heart monitors are considered a standard for models that cost over $1000.

Features Of The NordicTrack C2200


What are the important things you should know about this machine? Here are the specifications:

This little machine comes with a 2.25 HP motor. This motor allows a maximum of 10 mph speed at a maximum of 300 lbs. user weight. The running area is 20“ x 55“ and it can incline a maximum of 12%. It comes with a built-in fan, heart rate monitor and heart rate control, 8 pre-set and 2 heart workout programs. In addition to this, the NordicTrack c2200 also comes with a carb counter, one-touch incline and speed control, and the Odometer with MyMilesTM Tracker. There is a 1-year warranty on the parts, a 10-year warranty on the frame and a lifetime warranty on the motor.


The reviews from the users, as well as from the professionals, say that the NordicTrack c2200 treadmill has excellent features. Also has great workout programs, which include calorie burning, hill climbing and intervals. Not to mention the low price which is affordable for many.

You might also be interested in the functions of the buttons on the sides of the display, which allows adjusting the walking speed and incline rate with just a punch without having to hold a button to scroll up or down.

The bad news is that the company announced they are no longer selling the NordicTrack c2200. But, there are several other models within this price range that are, at the same time, suitable alternatives. Some of them can be found under $1000.

Overall Quality

All things considered, if your goal in your fitness program is to make progress on your treadmill from walking to jogging then running, then this machine is not for you. The NordicTrack c2200 is a walking machine only. If your fitness plan is to move on with jogging after you have dropped some weight, you should try and find another class of treadmills that can fit your fitness regime.

This model, which is no longer being sold, has been replaced with the new T Series models. They can be found at a price ranging from $1000 to $1500. If you are not sure which alternative model to buy, you can find reviews for the latest NordicTrack treadmills on the Internet along with reviews from users. These can be of great help in your search for a suitable machine for your personal needs. You can also look for sites that offer replacement parts for your model.

All in all, professional athletes agree that The NordicTrack c2200 home treadmill has very solid features and great overall design.

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