Resistance Band Exercises For Legs

Who doesn’t want to build and shape their hips? The plan doesn’t only reside on protein or iron intake; all that will make the hips look clumpy and wobbly. To get the stiff and the rugged look, you have to go through the transformations that require booty exercises, which help gain the perfect shape and surround you always desire. 

If you crave a healthy and powerful muscular look and want to improve your endurance and stamina, resistance bands are the perfect remedy for your query. These are the ideal tools for strength and stamina training one can use. The usage of dumbells and kettlebells harms the joints by applying the direct weight to their rest’s sight, mainly the joints. Unlike traditional stuffy weights, resistance bands tend to put less pressure on joints, all while simultaneously targeting every muscle group. 

Resistance bands come in a variety of strength and resistance levels. You can always pick the most suitable for you, ranging from light to heavy.

The main objective is to work out and focus on the lower body, which mainly comprises legs, quadriceps & glutes. This muscle group helps in the locomotion; working on this set will help provide you with form and power. Knee and joint pains are also relieved by the usage of resistance bands, which help strengthen the muscles around the joint, forcing them to get used to withstand heavier loads. 


How to Determine the most suitable resistance level?

Resistance Bands have different assortments according to their resistance levels; the range extends from Ultra light to Ultra heavy. But getting only one resistance band will not get help you with all of the exercises. Some more difficult and complex ones require stepping down to a lower resistance band to perform the given number of reps without any restrain. Therefore extra bands of different resistance levels will come in handy in such situations. 

Determining the most suitable band that will be your go-to for most of the exercises is easy. Any band which helps you in performing 12-15 reps with ease is the band of choice. Stepping up to a more restrained band is required when you can perform 15 reps without sweating. If you run out of harder bands, not a problem, double the WYOX resistance bands, and you are good to go.

The exercises to get your hips to get shaped up to include the following:

Standing Glute Kick-backs

Function: This exercise helps in strengthening the hamstring and glutes.

Instructions: The band is to be placed at the ankles, feet shall be hip-width apart. Now begin to transfer all of your weight over one leg and extend the other behind in a kicking action. Reverse the movement but do not waver. One rep complete when both the legs perform the kick-back.

Reps: 12 to 15 reps on each side. First, complete all of the reps on one leg then on to the other.


Function: This exercise helps in strengthening the glutei medii & obliques.

Instructions: Lay down on one die. The band has to be placed right above the knees. With your head resting on your hand above the ground and body on your bicep, drive the upper knee upwards as far as you can reach. Relax; that is one repetition done. 

Reps: 12 to 15 reps on each side. First, perform all the reps on one leg before doing the other one.

Runner’s Extensions

Function: It strengthens the hip flexors, abdominals & quads.

Instructions: While lying on the ground on your back, place the resistance bands between both the tarsals/ below the ankle, lift your feet, and make a right angle with the ground while your shins face the ceiling. Now mimic the action movement of walking. Anchor one leg by fully stretching and contract the other as close to your torso as you can. Reverse for completion of 1 repetition. 

Reps: 12 to 15 reps on each side. Performed with both legs once for one complete repetition.

Resistance Band Squats

 Function: This one strengthens the quads, glutes, & hamstrings while engaging the hips’ abductor muscles.

Instructions: Resistance band to be placed on the around the thighs right above your knees. Feet shall be hip-width apart and arms extended to the front. It’s like a traditional squat only with an added resistance band. Push your butt down and back while maintaining balance. Do not push your knees out. All the weight should reside on the heels during the repetition. Now go back up—completion of one repetition.

Reps: 12 to 15 reps.

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