Power Tower Workout Exercises & Benefits

Thousands of years ago, when humans were created, they’re taller and stronger but not much efficient. Years passed, humans evolved; accordingly, they updated their living style, foods, dressing sense and improved efficiency. 

Since, 19th century, humans had smart health and elegant physical structure. Unfortunately, throughout the 20th century, high consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, fast foods and crispy dishes making fatter and structureless shapes of our bodies. So, they’re joining gyms, indoor and outdoor exercises, and games. 

During the pandemic, the entire world locked-up, people lockdown into their homes, unable to join the gyms and other exercises. Eventually, “Power Tower Workout” was the best alternative to the gym, sports, and other exercises. 

We have a revolutionary product, light weighted and small; we can put it into the home. This isn’t a new machine; this is used for many decades in different countries with alternative equipment and exercises. 

Almost everywhere, people were used rode type single stick for “Chin-ups and pull-ups”. Power Tower is flexible, reliable, portable, and effective equipment for daily exercises. To strengthen your body and muscles, get one of them and try Weider power tower exercises at your home any time. 

Power Tower Workout Exercises

Power Tower Workout Exercises


The Weider power tower exercises categories into a different section. Each section has its own exercise according to the body structures and parts.

Warming Up

Warming up is the most basic and important exercise on the list. You simply must warm-up and prepare your body for the exercises. Warm-up maintains the body temperature, don’t try any exercise without warms up. 

In starting days, get started with few jumps at a steady pace, jumping the rope and moving ups & down your arms. After a few days, increase these warming up steps gradually, try something related to it like jogging and slow walk. It will boost the energy into the body and ready your body to perform the next exercises.

         Caution: – [Only 5 to 8 minutes, try not to be tired]

Pull-Ups (10 – 15 reps)

Strengthen your larger muscles and fill them with enthusiastic energy, “Pull Ups” is a magnificent exercise for it. In the first turn, perform maximum reps but not the first day. Take a few days to adjust your body accordingly. 

This exercise entirely depends upon techniques, not force. Keep in mind and maintain your balance with the right positioning of the arms. Do not try to hang or swing. 

On the very 1st day, try a few pull-ups with 2 sets, then increase them gradually. Keep one thing in mind: take a breath of 30 sec after each step. 

         Caution: – [Only 5 to 8 minutes, try not to be tired]

Push-Ups (15 – 20 reps)

A tremendous and spectacular exercise that opens the chest and reshape the muscles, easy and critical at the same time. Be sensitive & careful during the exercise.

Types of push-ups. 

  • Firstly, it is close-arms push-ups for try-set and shoulders. 
  • Secondly, one is open arms, especially for the chest.
  • Thirdly, this is only recommended for experts’ athletes only. It’s the mixture of push-ups and jumps-ups, open arms in the air and jump, then go back to the push-ups.

Weider power tower exercises


DIP (15 – 20 reps)

DIP is probably the best and efficient warm-up for elbows and shoulders. Hold the dip handles with your arms straight, power-up abdominal muscles, slowly lower your body by bending it, straight the elbows, take a tiny pause at the bottom point, do not use inertia and perform these steps simultaneously. It will fill the triceps, deltoid and trapezius with tremendous power.


Close Grip PULL UP

The similar to Pull-ups but with an underhand grip and bending the knees, pull up with tremendous power until your chin is above the bar. Pinch your shoulders blades together at the top of the swing your legs.


Stand in the opposite way to the machine. Bend down your knee nearly touches the ground, widen leg toward the back and place the top of the foot on the pad. Revert to the imaginative standing position. In this exercise, relax the muscles of the upper part of the body.

Vertical Knee 

Pull-ups, the legs collectively at the same time, are more challenging than knee raises. Eventually, this exercise is tough and requires power, putting entire weight on the elbows, straight up the legs and perform the steps. It is so effective for weight loss, abs and lower belly cuts.


Power Tower Workout Suggestions 

  • 10 to 20-sec breaks during each step
  • Take a week to adjust your body accordingly
  • Don’t cross the end limit of reps
  • Positing of your hands and elbows must be correct, or it may cause the injuries.
  • Drink water or other energy provider drinks like milk/ supplement
  • Fixed the time for exercises, morning is highly recommended

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