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SHIMANO SPD-SL Cleat Set Reviews

Choosing the right cleat set for your cycling needs is important whether you ride on the road, on trails, or on your stationary bike at home. Without the right cleats, cyclists can expect to lose contact with the pedals while they ride. Also they will experience more joint pain than necessary. SHIMANO SPD-SL Cleat Sets are popular with a variety of cyclists, both seasoned riders and those just starting out. They offer three unique models that provide different options based on your ergonomic needs as a cyclist. 

Which is the right SHIMANO SPD-SL Cleat Set for you?

SHIMANO offers three options for its SPD-SL cleat sets. The main difference in these options is the cleat float. Cleat float is the movement of your foot while you are clipped into the cleat and pedal. Back and forth movement gives you the amount of freedom your foot needs to stay comfortable depending on body’s needs. 

Yellow SPD-SL Cleats

Yellow SPD-SL Cleats


The yellow cleats offered in the SHIMANO SPD-SL cleat set offer 6 degrees of float. This means the float allowance is 3 degrees on each side, allowing your foot plenty of room to move around and assists in only putting low stress on your joints. It is the most popular choice for more casual fitness cyclists. But that does not mean more advanced riders don’t enjoy them as well. The yellow cleats would be the best Peloton shoe clips, as they allow for the cyclist to ride longer without worrying about exacerbating old injuries.

Blue SPD-SL Cleats

Blue SPD-SL Cleats


The blue cleats in the collection offer 2 degrees of float or 1 degree on each side. This makes the blue cleats a good option if you don’t like the extra room in a 6-degree cleat but still like to maintain some freedom of movement. This means you have higher efficiency when pedaling than if there is more movement, allowing your foot to lose contact with the pedals more. This option also offers a bit more stress relief for your joints than the tighter fit of the red cleats.

Red SPD-SL Cleats

Red SPD-SL Cleats


The red cleat offered is the tightest cleat with the smallest amount of float at 0 degrees. These cleats are going to keep you locked in. Cleats with no float are great for professional riders, sprinters, and those who are not worried about joint pain when they ride. The red cleats offer the most efficient of all the SHIMANO SPD- SL cleats. This efficiency is offset by more stress on your joints. So this cleat would not be recommended for those with previous knee injuries or issues with your joints. However, if you don’t suffer from those issues, this cleat will get you where you need to go as quickly as you’d like. 

Bottom line: 

SHIMANO SPD-SL cleats offer a variety of comfort and efficiency you need to make your rides the best they can be. Whether you ride on the roads or at home, you have the options you need.

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