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Fitness Reality R4000 Recumbent Exercise Bike With Workout Goal Setting Computer

Maintaining fitness goals had never been easier. The Fitness Reality R4000 recumbent exercise bike with workout goal setting computer is so far the most affordable value-adding asset for people who are inclined to workout at home or anywhere else they feel like. It has almost everything going for it – sturdy, lightweight frame, relocating wheels, goal-monitoring computer, adjustable straps, and excellent value for money.

If you’re looking to exercise your legs without pressuring your joints too much, this recumbent bike is a must-try.

Fitness Reality R4000 Recumbent Exercise Bike With Workout Goal Setting Computer Review

Fitness Reality R4000 Recumbent Exercise Bike With Workout Goal Setting Computer


Unlike other recumbent bikes, Fitness Reality R4000 is a one-piece construction with steel tubes featuring the base frame. The only parts that need assembling by bolts are the base tubes and the console mast. Despite being made up of strong, durable material, the bike frame is easily transportable and weighs only 27.2kgs. At the base tube of the bike, there are wheels attached to provide for easy relocation to the places of your choice.

Fitness Reality likes to keep it real for customers with convenient designs. When in the mood to workout in the fresh air, the bike can easily travel outdoors for an early morning training session. Fitness Reality R4000 is powder-coated, which is scratch and corrosion-resistant to enhance its longevity and which also adds a silver shine to it.

The design of the one-piece base frame recumbent bike, on the other hand, is sketched while being mindful of elderly or disabled customers. It is wide, freely open, and features a “step-through” to allow an easy entry or exit route.

Inner Body

Inner Body


The seat of the Fitness Reality R4000 Recumbent Bike is adjustable to several inches and can accommodate users of varying heights. Heavily padded with foam, it is remarkably comfortable along with being wide enough to cater to multiple-sized buttocks. A long, although unmovable backrest is fixed in a recumbent posture for complete posterior support.

The bike handlebars are attached directly to the seat, also padded with rubber foam for a strong, comfortable grip. The ones at the front, however, are absent, which would have intensified the workout sessions. They also do not feature pulse sensors.

The adjustable, strapped pedals that provide a secure grip of the foot are also optimally weighted with a metallic core. This recumbent exercise bike has as many as 14 levels of magnetic resistance, ranging from a slow recovery from injuries to workout sessions for the elderly and, finally, to moderate cardio training with calorie burn.

Monitoring Meter

Monitoring Meter


Fitness Reality R4000 recumbent exercise bike with workout goal setting computer features easy operation with three buttons; “Mode,” “Reset,” and “Set.” Hoisted on the console mast, the computer monitors your performance with a countdown feature. You can set the desired goals for distance, speed, time, or calories by using the Mode and Set buttons.  

  • Separate tablet/phone-holder and bottle-holder on the console mast
  • Very easily assembled with no maintenance required
  • Transportable, and extremely quiet and noiseless
  • Odometer, SCAN, and goal-setting options included in the meter
  • Moisture-proof covering that does not easily fade off
  • Magnetic resistance system – no adaptor required
  • Pulse-sensing feature not included
  • The absence of front-side handlebars limit exercise possibilities
  • No option to put in personal data for goal-setting accuracy


Fitness Reality R4000 recumbent exercise bike provides many facilities compared to any other bike in this price range. It is workable for all kinds of trainees and is definitely a piece of great exercise equipment to have in the house. Costing less than $200, it is the go-to solution for anybody looking to lose weight, tone muscles, do a light workout, and keep physically fit. A few cons put aside, Fitness Reality R4000 is one of the top-picks for customers as old as even 80-years old!


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