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Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower Review

Exercise is the best fuel for the body. It helps to keep the body in shape and peace to mind. It is an excellent stress buster. Gone are the days when exercising was restricted to walking, jogging, and cycling. With people getting busy day by day, the way of maintaining health has transformed. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is an equipment that helps to train the body effectively and efficiently. Health is an asset to people. Sustaining it will not just help a person with feeling happy but also help to instill positivity.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower – Product Description

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower – Product Description


Built with a durable and resistive Aluminium body, it strives on the principle of magnetic control resistance. It comes with a DRC (Drum

magnetic control) that helps with DRM and electronic network to help with muscle strengthening and enhancing endurance. With a five year warranty of the metal body, it extends and provides for a seat that aids a person to exercise efficiently without stressing the body. With an ideal construction profile, it caters to rectangular tube support anodized aluminum and a dimension of 80 x 21 x 25. It provides for a heart rate calculator during the sessions to keep track of cardiovascular health.



Every product comes with a benefit. The main peculiarities of the product are the following:

  • The working of the rower is strong and sturdy and is easy to handle and bring together while assembling.
  • It has a monitor that calculates the heart rate when a person buys along a strap. It has a backlit LED display.
  • The entire product is foldable, easy to store, and extremely cost-efficient for the price.
  • Providing for a smooth workout, the processing, and working of the magnetic resistance system while working out is smooth and silent.
  • It has a weight handling capacity of 275 lbs and has a set of 12 workouts to help everyone with exercising.
  • It provides for variable compatibility with people and comes with over-sized pedals that can fit into every foot.


With various characteristics that are an asset to the commodity, there comes a handful of liability. The liabilities are the following:

  • They are not thoroughly free as they need a power supply to work. If the electricity goes away, one cannot operate it.
  • It has a weak warranty coverage and offers it only for a course of 30 to 90 days on monitor and parts.
  • The calorie count of the equipment may be inaccurate and can be a hindrance to calculating output.


Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower Final Words

Exercise, a way to rejuvenate the aura, can also help with maintaining weight, mental stress, and more. With different aspects of life to look after, one learns to neglect and take one’s body for granted. Serving at its best to the people who invest in it, Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower proves itself to be one of the best ways to exercise and help with replenishing life. Also, this rower is in our category for the best rowing machine under $500. Choosing the right equipment does not just help with investing in the best, but also helps with making a choice that one would never neglect.


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