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WaterRover vs Concept 2 – Which One Is Better?

As gyms get closed, many of us that used to exercise daily begin to miss some physical activity. Sports centers experiment with digital offerings and other ways to lure people back into exercising. You can create your own little exercise paradise at home.

The biggest issue when training at home is lack of motivation for a good workout. Often the best solution is to focus on full-body type routines or exercises. You are not only training your whole body; you also save a lot of time. And if you could only have one piece of equipment, I would definitely go with a rowing machine!

So, which of the rowing machines would fulfill your needs? Let’s compare two main models: WaterRover vs Concept 2.

WaterRover vs Concept 2 Comparation

WaterRover vs Concept 2 – Which One Is Better


They use completely different mechanisms to break stubborn sweat towards your dream body. 

And they both are an awesome resource for your full-body workouts or as cardio.

Concept2 Review

Foremost, Concept2 is the ultimate sport’s standard of rowing machines. It is a primary choice for many rowing clubs, competitive rowers, endurance athletes. Any official scores you can find achieved using Concept2. This is a clear choice for the rowing world and is considered the best rowing machine available. Let’s talk about it further.

What comes to your mind when talking about the quality of a rowing machine? Exactly, durability and reliability. Professionals use the Concept2 model daily for hours, racking up impressive numbers. It is safe to say that this rowing machine was built to last. For regular rowing enthusiasts owning one would mean they would be using it for decades, if not a lifetime!

The Concept2 might become noisy due to a fan-based engine. Especially when you are trying to hit a new personal record. Luckily, newer models cut down the noise. Also, it`s one of the best rowing machines with 400 lb capacity.

Usually, a great equipment piece has one amazing feature that you get the most value out of it. Concept2 has it too and it’s the display and the level of information it provides. You can track speed, watts, or calories. Thus, it’s a perfect match, no matter what your current goals are. Find an approved heart rate strap and you can get even more precise training data.

Furthermore, even the pickiest athlete can find the most comfortable position. You can adjust footrests, the handle made exactly for your palm and you can reposition caster wheels without any hassle. The seat is as high as 20”, so getting on and off is not a big deal, especially for those with knee complaints. It slightly leans forwards. Thus offering people with lower back injuries a little safety.

To sum up, Concept2 is a professional favorite – it has everything you will ever need. It will serve you well until the last day. And it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, a returning rower, or a pro on your way to the Olympics!


WaterRower Review

The WaterRower is that new cool kid in the town. Let’s see how it compares in the battle of two giants WaterRower versus Concept2.

WaterRower uses a unique method of power. It rocks an aesthetically pleasing design – a wonderful addition to any living room. Manufacturers created it in a way that, without the need to disassemble, you can sort it upright. It saves room space and serves as a complementary furniture element. Whether you live in a flat or a castle, WaterRower will find its place.

This model is water-powered; the name gives it out. It is also handcrafted from wood, so the amount of noise it causes is negligible. The only noise you will hear that is piercing the quiet is the gentle sloshing of water in the tank. WaterRower is a clear winner for those who want to keep their training private. Or remove any distractions that prevent you from experiencing the full joy of rowing.

When it comes to the subject of the tank, it has a patented water flywheel. Enclosed in a tank of water, the flywheel makes rowing as quiet and enjoyable. In a way, it stimulates the feeling of rowing an actual boat. The more intense your rowing gets, the more resistance you feel. You can’t just hammer your strokes out; building the pace first is essential to WaterRower. And if you’re used to Concept2, that’s a major difference!


WaterRower versus Concept 2 Head To Head

WaterRower versus Concept 2


Let’s compare the displays. The computer on a WaterRower might not be as advanced as the one on a Concept2. WaterRower’s strong point has a more user-friendly interface. You can track your rowing intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, duration, distance. It’s pretty simple yet effective. The data provided will be more than enough to track your progress over time.

Comfort-wise, the WaterRower is far behind the Concept2. The seat puts on some pressure on the lower back due to its design. Footrests have sharp edges – not great for those who like to exercise barefoot. On the plus side, the flat rail takes away some pressure from the knees, making it a bit lighter on the joints.

Rowing water can help clear your thoughts and unwind. The soothing motion of rowing through what feels (and sounds) like water is not just a great workout, but it can help you destress and declutter your mind. 

Not to mention with all the health benefits and increased endorphins, it’ll be hard not to use your machine on a regular basis.

WaterRover vs Concept 2 Conclusion

In summary, WaterRower vs Concept 2, which model wins? It is up to individual preference. Either one will help you to do what they’re supposed to do – push you to be a better version of yourself! If you’re concerned by aesthetics, then WaterRower is your best bet. The wooden frame contributes to your home as much as a fireplace would. It makes it feel like home. But, if you are one of those that actually care about fitness, you will not fail if you go with the Concept2. It is extremely durable, provides more detailed information about your training. It is a smart investment as it will serve you for years.

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