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A To Z of the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym [A Review]

The competitive world minimizes the time and motivation to regularly workout at your brick-and-mortar gym. People are busy with their career, work schedules, or married life. We may want to stay in shape, but we lack the motivation. However, to help you achieve your body goals, Bowflex Xceed Home Gym is here. 

You don’t have to drop $20-$30 every month to secure your gym membership. Bowflex brings a midrange home gym with the introduction of Xceed. What sets the Xceed apart from the other models of the Bowflex sports home gym. 

Our review is aimed to enable users to be more informed about the features, pros, and cons of the Bowflex Xceed gym.


Is The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Worth It?

Bowflex Xceed reviews


Thinking of investing in a home gym system? Bowflex has been offering some of the best mid-range and high-range home gym systems. 

It is reasonable to have reservations about the product without diving into the Bowflex Xceed reviews. This home gym system has a similar design to your regular home gyms. However, it doesn’t have any weight plates or stacks. 

Are there any unique features of the Xceed Home Gym? The Bowflex Xceed comes with an unparalleled power rod, which is hard to find elsewhere. However, like every other device, the Bowflex home gym has its own set of pros and cons.

Pros of Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

Safe To Use

Often gym equipment may slam down on you while exercising. However, the Bowflex Xceed offers unmatched safety as there is no possibility of getting crushed by your barbell. The power rods are connected to a cable on one end and while being stationary at the other end. 


The Bowflex Xceed brings great versatility and functionality. It uses multiple cable systems and pulleys to cater to an extensive range of exercises. You can perform 25 to 60 varieties of exercises using the same power rod system.

Smooth and Heavy Resistance 

The Bowflex machine offers the same resistance as a high-quality resistance cable or band. The higher will be the resistance, the further your power rod bends. 

You will feel less resistance at the beginning of your exercise. However, as your muscles start to warm, you will find it harder to reach the end or middle of the movement.

Bowflex exceed Home Gym


Other Key Points

  • The machine comes with a premium commercial-grade steel construction
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Provision of the popular Power Rod resistance
  • 60 plus exercises
  • Provision of exercise guide and easy to understand user manual
  • It is quite budget-friendly and space-saving
  • It comes with a multiple cable and pulley system for custom workouts
  • Provision of multi-grip handles
  • Easy assembling
  • Good warranty coverage
  • The heavy-duty steel construction ensures shape retention and long-lasting protection

Cons of Bowflex eXceed Home Gym

Too Many Cable Adjustments

The Bowflex Xceed offers a plethora of exercise options. However, to provide such an unparalleled range of exercises, the machine comes with many pulley adjustments and cable connections. If you want to switch exercises, you need to adjust the cables and pulleys each time. 

You need to refer to the user manual unless you are well-acquainted with adjustments. Some Bowflex machines come with a quick and easy change system to eliminate time-consuming adjustments. However, the Bowflex Xceed has no such features. 

Not Enough for Building Your Muscle Mass 

If you wish to boost your muscle mass quickly, then the Bowflex isn’t the right option for you. Hitting the iron is the only way to gain adequate muscle mass. The power rods of the Bowflex Xceed is oriented more towards maintaining your structure and getting toned.

Workout Programs 

Bowflex sports Home Gym


Goal Tracking

The Bowflex Xceed comes with an exercise guide to provide detailed information on the various types of exercises. You can choose a particular exercise after reading the benefits. You can set a goal and measure your progress against it. 

Vast Range of Exercises

The machine allows 65+ exercises for providing a full-gym workout facility.

Multiple Cable and Pulley Positions

The multiple cable and pulley systems allow you to introduce variations in your workout sessions. You can easily optimize your workout regime with the eight different pulleys. 

Full Body Workout

You don’t have to buy multiple types of equipment to get the benefits of a brick-and-mortar gym. The Bowflex Xceed allows you to perform all types of exercises, including – leg, back, chest, and shoulder. 

In-depth Review

Bowflex machine


The Bowflex Xceed is priced slightly higher than the cheapest model of the Bowflex home gym systems. However, it comes with superior performance and functionality, which are worth checking out.


  • Model: Bowflex Xceed
  • Dimensions: 53 × 49 × 82 inches
  • Max. Weight: 210 lbs (Upgradable to 310 lbs and 410 lbs)
  • Type: Power Rod
  • Exercises: 60+
  • Seat: Adjustable Polyurethane Cushioned
  • Accessories: Squat Bar, Lat Bar, Ab Training Strap


The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym model comes with a power rod resistance. This system provides bodyweight resistance while working out on this equipment. 

The power rods are made of high-grade elastomer material to generate improved performance and flexibility. The elastomer comes with a thin rubber sheet coating to ensure comfort while exercising.

The machine comes with a standard resistance of 210 lbs. However, you can upgrade the resistance to 310lbs and 410lbs as per your requirements. 

The rods are broken down into 2’50s, 2’5s, 4’10s, and 2’30s. When you decide to upgrade to the higher resistance levels, the additional pairs will come in pairs of the ’50s. 

Assembly and Parts

The Xceed home gym requires assembling. However, the product comes with many parts, which can make you confused while assembling. However, most users claim that Bowflex offers the best instructions to get you started.

You will quickly put together all the parts by reading the manual thoroughly. However, you can ask for help from a partner to get the job done faster. You can fully set up the Bowflex Xceed home gym in a couple of hours. 

The user manual comes with illustrations to help you understand the process of assembling. You can make out which bolt pairs with which nut by going through the bulleted instructions. The manual also has additional notes to help novice users. 

Extensive Range of Exercises

Bowflex bench press


The Xceed gym offers a vast array of exercises. The range of Bowflex exercises is similar to a brick-and-mortar gym. You can adjust the different handles and attachments to switch between different exercises quickly. The series of cables and pulleys help users to perform multiple exercises on a single piece of equipment. 

The Xceed allows you to perform a minimum of 60 exercises. The three different pulley systems enable you to perform a mix of exercises. 

The upper pulley allows you to perform your high rows, triceps pull-downs, and lateral pulldowns. The middle pulley allows you to perform chest press, flies, triceps extensions, and crunches. With the lower pulley, you can perform bench presses. 

The Bowflex Bench press is more comfortable and easier to get on or off. The vertical bench provides users access to the chest press exercises while being in their homes’ comfort. It won’t strain your back and is ideal for people with back issues. 

You can modify the pulley angle to perform both declines and inclines. A vertical bench will also take up less space than the traditional horizontal gym bench. The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym is a blessing for people with limited home space. 

Weight Capacity 

The Bowflex Xceed comes with a 300lb maximum user capacity. It is a standard capacity for most home gym equipment. The Bowflex Xceed can handle users with varying degrees of weight. 

The weight capacity of gym equipment tells us a lot about its build quality. The weight capacity of 300lb tells us about the strong construction of the Xceed Home Gym. 


Warranty is an essential consideration while buying home gym systems. The Bowflex Xceed comes with a robust warranty system – 1-year warranty on the frame, 5-year on the power rod, and 60-days on the parts. 

However, Bowflex offers the same warranty on their PR1000, which is a much cheaper priced model. The Xtreme 2SE comes with a lifetime warranty of the power rods, while the Xceed offers only a 5-year warranty.

Build Quality and Design

Bowflex is known for its performance and durability. The Bowflex Xceed is made of high-grade steel to ensure longevity and durability. This model is quite similar to the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE model in construction. 

The power rod of the Xceed is made of commercial-grade steel to make them safe to use. The running area of this machine measures 53 × 49 inches. The multiple cable and pulley system allows you to add variations to your exercise regime. The superior quality cables and pulleys will add stability and strength to the machine.

The high-density polyurethane foam cushion is incredibly comfortable and convenient to use. The provision of a squat bar, ab training strap, and lateral bar allows for a full-body workout. The rubberized pads boost the grip of the floor and add stability to the machine. It is one of the most recommended budget-friendly and compact home gym systems of 2021.

Additional Features

We have already covered all the features of the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym system. However, let us go through the attachments available with the product –

  • Squat Bar
  • Ab Harness
  • Leg Developer
  • Pair of cables and handles
  • Lat Pulldown Bar

These attachments will allow you to perform all the 60 plus exercises without any problems. The user’s manual will guide you through the set up for each set of exercise. 

Comparison with other Bowflex Models

Bowflex Xceed plus


Well, no review is complete without a thorough comparison with similar products. We have decided to compare the Xceed with other midrange home gym systems of the Bowflex. The Bowflex Xceed Plus is another good home gym system that falls in a higher price range. 

The Bowflex Blaze and Bowflex PR3000 fall in the same price range as the Xceed. Also, the Bowflex Blaze offers a similar range of exercise as the Xceed model. 

The Blaze also comes with a standard initial resistance of 210 lbs. It can be upgraded as per your requirements. The instructional card of the Blaze offers a guide to some of the common gym exercises. 

However, the biggest difference between the Xceed and Blaze is their bench. The Blaze comes with a horizontal bench, while the Xceed has a vertical bench. The horizontal bench will take up more space but offers a good cardio workout. However, you can fold away the machine for easy storage. 

The Blaze costs a bit more than the Xceed model. You can choose between these two models depending on the type of bench you require – horizontal or vertical. 

The Bowflex PR3000 provides fewer exercises than the Xceed model. The PR3000 has around 50 exercise options with a 300 lbs. user weight capacity. However, the PR3000 comes with a quick-change system to allow you to switch exercises quickly. 

It also offers a warranty of 7 years on the power rods—however, the PR3000 costs around $100 more than the Bowflex Xceed. Whether you want to get an additional warranty of two years by paying $100 extra completely depends on you. 

Final Thoughts 

The Bowflex Xceed offers a plethora of features even after being a mid-range product. If you want an all-in-one gym system at home, we recommend going for the Bowflex Xceed. 

The instruction manual and a massive range of exercise options are quite impressive. The straightforward assembly and easy to follow manual are well-appreciated by all users.

You can also purchase the Xceed model online to get more discounts on the product. If you fail to find the product online if you search for Bowflex Xceed. It is essential to use the correct spelling while searching for the product online. 

The machine also offers a decent user weight capacity of 300 lbs. The only downfall of the Bowflex Xceed is its limited warranty. Overall, it is a solid home gym system in terms of exercise options and size. The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym won’t disappoint you.

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