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Oyo Personal Gym Review

Hi there, you are here reading this article means you want to know about Oyo personal gym or willing to buy it. I hope this article won’t disappoint you.

OYO Gym is a Full Body Portable Gym Equipment with this home gym equipment you can Exercise at Home, Office or Travel.

The Oyo personal gym is a mini portable home gym designed to let you do some workouts and exercises you would do at the gym in the comfort of your own home or while traveling or anywhere you want.


Oyo Personal Gym Specifications:

 The Oyo Gym comes up with SpiraFlex technology used by NASA. It replaced heavyweights, but you’ll get the same results that you would get the gym spending hours on lifting. This technology has been used for over ten years on the international station to keep astronauts fit by Nasa.

SpiraFlex Technology :

SpiraFlex Technology offers a better way to workouts, which is simple and powerful. The Oyo personal gym brings forth three SpiraFlex Flexpacks, two 10lbs other one 5lbs. That provides up to 25lbs gym-quality resistance.while you won’t be able to use momentum like free weights, SpiraFlex resistance can experience more than the max of 25lbs. It is easy, quite simple gym equipment that delivers phenomenal results.

  • Keep resistance, lose weights
  • Dump the perilous resistance bands 
  • Spiraflex resistance feels like weights free
  • Burn double calories 
  • Amusing for any fitness level – beginners to advanced
  • Ideal for women and man of any age
  • Lightweight, portable home gym, weights 2lbs only but provides up to 25lbs SpiraFlex resistance  

The Oyo Personal Gym Review:

The Oyo Personal Gym


‘OYO’ means “On Your Own” Fitness, founded by the same person who created SpiraFlex is Paul Francis. After getting massive success with this resistance technology, he started OYO. 

OYO only produces a very few products all of them rely on SpiraFlex technology


Oyo personal gym claims that this device can provide a full-body workout. On their website, they show you with clips how to do different moves worry not I’ve added video clips.

Upper Body:

Mainly target your chest, arms, and back.

Popular Exercises:

  • Bicep curls
  • Kick-Back/Tricep Extension
  • Back DoubleFlex+Chest

Lower Body:

Oyo personal gym also works on the lower body, increasing strengths, toning your legs, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

Grow flexibility on your knees, joints, and hips while developing lean muscle

Popular Exercises:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Seated Abdominal crunch
  • Glute press 

Total Body:

Build a more muscular upper body, core, abs, arms, while improving your overall strength, stability, and flexibility.

Popular exercises:

  • Chest+Squat
  • Chest+Back DoubleFlex
  • Squat+Lunges
  • Abs Russian Twist

And many more. The Oyo gym provides 197 different moves. I just mentioned a few of them.

I think this machine designed to muscle toning more than building massive muscle. You can use it while walking or running on a treadmill I don’t think this machine-made for powerlifters in mind.

For Who The Oyo Personal gym Suitable For:

For Who The Oyo Personal gym Suitable For


As I mentioned above, it is ideal for man or women of any age. The Oyo personal gym is a kind of home gym equipment that is enough for anyone who is very busy going to the actual gym. Are you worried that OYO is not for you because you’re not looking to get polish,

there are other programs to stay fit you can complete yoga routines with Oyo

What You`ll Get:

When you buy Oyo personal gym, you’ll get:

  • Oyo Gym
  • One piece of 5lbs Flexpack
  • Two-piece of 10lbs Flexpack
  • One Door Anchor
  • Two Foot Attachments 
  • Device Guide

Not only this, but there’s more you’ll get 60 online exercise videos also get access to their coaching app with a 10-week challenge and a nutrition guide.

  • Full body workout
  • Easy to carry
  • workout anywhere
  • lightweight
  • can travel with it
  • Good customer service
  • In the beginning, you may feel awkward
  • Some part of the device could slip while using


Before Buying a portable home gym, always look for a warranty. The most impressive thing is that Oyo personal gym comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full one-year warranty.

Oyo Personal Gym Review Last Thoughts:

The Oyo gym is the first fitness machine with NASA approved SpiraFlex technology. For the price, I think its a win. You can compare The Oyo with BodyBoss Home Gym.

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