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Best Elliptical Under 500 Dollars Reviews

Elliptical machines have been a big hit for fitness enthusiasts over the years. The elliptical motion you get while working out has a big difference and reduces the strain that your legs have to go through. The elliptical impacts numerous parts of your body, including your legs and lower back, and has a totally different impact compared to other exercises.

What is special about the elliptical machine is that it engages both your upper and lower body at the same time. With good research, you can find the best elliptical under 500 dollars that will engage your biceps, triceps, chest, back, hamstrings, and quadriceps all at the same time.

You will burn calories much faster them doing any other work out exercises, plus you won’t need to put some serious effort. Because the elliptical trainer is one of the most effective machines to get in shape, you will get to see improvements pretty quickly.

Knowing the fundamentals of an elliptical trainer gives you the idea that it is an essential workout machine you have to have at home to use every day. So we have been hard at work putting in serious hours in order to give you the options for the best elliptical under 500 dollars.

There are multiple elliptical machines on our list, so go through them slowly and choose which one is the best for you.


Our Top 6 Best Elliptical Under 500 Dollars:

  1. Schwinn A40
  2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912
  3. Proform Hybrid Trainer
  4. Schwinn 430 Elliptical
  5. Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-E905
  6. Marcy Magnetic Elliptical NS-40501E

Considerations to Make When Seeking the Best Elliptical Under $500

Best Elliptical Under 500 Dollars reviews


There are many reasons why elliptical are in every gym you go to, and every health and fitness expert will tell you that it is an essential piece of equipment that everybody needs. When you go for a normal run outside, the impact you generate to your joints can become bigger over time, causing unwanted and sudden injuries. The best elliptical under 500 dollars is a great alternative for running, but what you get is less generated impact.

Every household should have this machine at home, but before you go out or browse online and buy an elliptical trainer, you should know some things. You should know what things to look for and will you be getting everything you need in an elliptical for the money you will be spending. Here are some things you need to look for if you want to buy the best elliptical under 500 dollars.

Workout Space in your Home

Considering other equipment, the elliptical is a fairly large machine that needs some space. You will have to make some space if you decide to get one and shifting some stuff around can be useful. A length of 4 to 7 feet is the typical dimensions of an elliptical machine plus you will need to find another 20 inches on both sides just to be perfectly sure that it will fit in your planned space.

For people who are planning to turn their basement into a home gym, they need to know how high their ceilings are. It is good to know that the pedals will add another foot to your height, so measure precisely in order not to bump your head on the ceiling when working out. Measure your space at home and then start looking for the elliptical, because you will just end up taking it back or shipping the machine back.

Elliptical Design

When talking about the design of the elliptical machine, we can point out that there are three different designs, all having their own strong points and drawbacks:

1. Front Drive Elliptical: these are the models you will encounter in the gym. With its wheel placed at the front, it is the basic, and the first thing that should pop up in your head when picturing an elliptical. Some people complain that this design makes the most noise and has the most vibrations when working out.

2. Center Drive Elliptical: These models are pretty compact and are probably the best if you want to work out at home. They are often compared to treadmills but, of course, with pedals instead of a track.

3. Rear Drive Elliptical: These models are considered to be the longest of all three designs. The wheel on these models is placed just after the pedals.

Essential features for the best elliptical under 500 dollars

Essential features for the best elliptical under 500 dollars


Some elliptical machines don’t have the arm handles, which may be uncomfortable for some people, so make sure they have arm handles. The resistance should be adjustable because as you progress and build some endurance, you will need to adjust the resistance. Working out on the same resistance will slow down your progress. Also, look for ones that have incline adjustability, because that can increase the intensity of your workouts.

Best Elliptical Under 500 dollars Reviews 

Like we said earlier, we have done some hard work in order to find you some options for you to look at. We have done our research and analysis and have looked at numerous machines with different features. There are a lot of elliptical machines that go for less than 500 dollars but also have all the modern features. They will definitely do their job in achieving all your fitness goals.

1. Schwinn A40

Schwinn A40


Product Details: The things that stand out about this machine is its stride length and simple construction. The popular bike brand has delivered when it comes to a comfortable and affordable elliptical machine. Compared to other machines in this price range, Schwinn A40 is second to none.

One the front of the bike, you will see the weighted flywheel that has eight different levels of resistance. Both of the pedals are placed on bar tracks, and the 17.5” stride length is suitable for any sized person. The machine has an LCD monitor that displays statistics like time, speed, and RPM. You will also find seven different training programs that are preinstalled on the machine. Schwinn A40 Full review.

  • 8 different levels of resistance
  • 17.5” stride length
  • Handlebars with built-in pulse sensors
  • LCD display that shows you your progress
  • Poor speaker quality


2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912


Product Details:  Talking about the category of best elliptical under 500 dollars, we must include the SF-E3912 from Sunny Health & Fitness. Using magnetic resistance, it makes the operation quieter and smoother. The magnetic resistance is also easier to adjust compared to the fan-wheel resistance. Coming with 24 different preinstalled workout programs, it will satisfy every user.

If you need to move the machine around the house, this model comes with wheels, so you don’t damage your floor. This is a great elliptical for seniors, walkers, and smaller people because of its 14” stride length. This machine is not for taller and high-performance runners.

  • Magnetic resistance
  • 24 different workout programs
  • Wheels for transport
  • Can hold a high weight capacity
  • 14” stride length


3. Proform Hybrid Trainer

Proform Hybrid Trainer


Product Details: Because it has a 2in1 function, the Proform Hybrid can be used as a recumbent bike and as an elliptical. Both standing and sitting position workouts will be enjoyable and you will achieve every fitness goal you want. The 15-inch stride length is good for both smaller and taller people to enjoy long walks.

This machine offers numerous features that will certainly help you reach high-intensity cardio workouts better than ever before. The handlebars have soft grips to make sure your arm workout goes smoothly and the textured footpaths keep your feet in position all the time.

The flywheels will help you create super-easy moves. Also, there is a water bottle holder for the times where you have to take a sip of water. On the machine, you will find 16 different workout programs that have been preinstalled, for both manual and interval training. Also, there are 16 different resistance levels to fulfill every user’s needs.

There is a pretty big LCD display where you can keep track of your progress and change between speed and different programs. It also comes with great accessories like a water bottle holder and it has an onboard sound system.

The machine comes with a 5-year warranty for the frame and a 3-months warranty for individual parts. All in all, it is a great machine for people who want to try new things and have fun while doing them.

  • 2 in 1 function
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Big LCD display
  • 2” speakers
  • Weight capacity of up to 350 pounds
  • The 15-inch stride is a bit short for some people


4. Schwinn 430 Elliptical

Schwinn 430 Elliptical


Product Details: Coming up next on our list is the Schwinn 430 Elliptical, which has become one of the most popular and purchased elliptical machines that are under 500 dollars. It is suitable for anyone that is searching for a machine that everyone in the family can use and it is quite affordable. Its frame solidly built and has numerous programs that have been preinstalled.

Because this model is so compact, it makes it super portable, which means that you can move it around your home if you want to change your workout place. As we said, it has numerous preinstalled programs, 22 to be precise, which gives out a variety of options.

Like other machines, this one has 2 LCD monitors on which you can see your progress during your workout. Statistics like the speed you are going in, the time you have exercised and heart rate are just a few statistics that you can see on the displays.

The bottom line is that this machine has most of the features that you will find in most high-end elliptical machines. Also, we are sure that you will enjoy every bit of your exercise.

  • Articulated leg pads
  • Stays in place while you do your high-intensity workout
  • Quiet operations, small vibrations
  • Super easy to assemble
  • 2 LCD displays
  • 22 different work out programs
  • Weighs around 165 pounds


5. Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-E905

Sunny Health & Fitness – SF-E905


Product Details: We have talked about elliptical machines that come close to the price of 500 dollars, but this was even cheaper. Falling into the category of best elliptical under 200 dollars, the SF-E905 comes from a reliable company that has been in the fitness industry for quite some time.

This machine is designed to be as compact as possible. Weighing around 60lbs, moving it around will be no problem. It also comes with numerous accessories that will, for sure, enhance your workout experience. There are 8 different resistance levels that are customizable and are pretty wide apart facilitated by a magnetic tension system. The heart rate sensors are placed in the handlebars in order to get a precise pulse reading. On the machine, you will find a small monitor that will show you all the important information during your exercise.

Information like heart rate, speed, calories burnt, and the distance you have achieved. This machine is super quiet. With this feature, your family and neighbors won’t hear a thing while you are exercising. This machine is regarded as a machine for beginners because of its short length stride and resistance levels.

  • Super light so it can be carried around easily
  • Numerous statistics displayed on the monitor
  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Wide non-slip pedals and padded handlebars
  • Long time warranty
  • No incline options
  • Short stride length, bad for tall people
  • No water bottle holder


6. Marcy Magnetic Elliptical NS-40501E

Marcy Magnetic Elliptical NS-40501E


Product Details: The last option on our affordable elliptical machine is reserved for the Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Cardio Workout Machine with Transport Wheels NS-40501E. This machine falls into the category of best elliptical machine under $300.

Like the previous product on our list, the price may fool you. You may think that this cheap machine will not get the job done. On the contrary, this machine has some amazing features that you will also find in pricier elliptical trainers. When you first hop on the machine, you can regulate the intensity of your work out, making it easier or harder, depending on your preference.

The LCD display will show your progress during the workout and point out key information about your exercise.

The LCD display also glows in the dark for the individuals who like to work out at night. The pedals are non-slip and purposely made oversized for more comfort and stability if you decide to do a more high-intensity workout.

Even though at first sight it may seem quite small and compact, this machine can handle more than 300lbs. You can fit the machine almost anywhere and moving it around is simplified by the wheels on the bottom. A big feature of this machine is the ergonomic handles, which will allow you to switch exercises form your arms to your legs.

With the purchase of this machine, you will get a 2-year warranty. Of all the elliptical machines on this list, we have always recommended this one because of its compact build and its efficiency to engage the entire body. It is an excellent machine considering the price.

  • Light elliptical trainer but support more than 300lbs
  • Stabilizers that can be adjusted form the rear end
  • Oversized pedals for comfort and stability
  • No noise output
  • Accessories like a tablet and water bottle holder
  • The tablet holder when placed covers the display
  • Doesn’t have a pulse sensor



Every one of us wants to be in shape and healthy. Being fit is not only about looking good; it is also about feeling good. The majority of us have busy lives that are filled with stress and a great way to lower your stress levels is through exercise. An elliptical machine is a great way to start off your cardio training and be sure that you will get fit if you follow your exercise plans. 

We have featured six elliptical machines that all fall in the category of the best elliptical under 500 dollars, and every single one of them will do its job correctly. If you have gone through every product we have featured, take another look at their features and decide which on prefer. You may like more resistance levels, a machine that will be comfortable for you because you are a taller person. You may want incline options that you can adjust easily or an easily movable machine. Point out the one that you like and contact your local equipment shops or order one online.

We assure you that this will be one of your greatest investments for getting in shape. Get yourself an elliptical machine and watch those extra calories burn with ease. Get yourself ready for the beautiful summer days that are upon us and enjoy every visit to the beach with your friends.


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