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Because recently people have become interested in pedal exerciser, we are excited to give you a list of the best pedal exercisers in the world right now. On our list, you will see that the price isn’t that important. So, if you think that buying the most expensive pedal machine will give the best experience, you might be wrong.

On the list, we can see that the first-foot pedal exerciser is priced at almost 200 dollars. As you go down a bit you will find that some exercise pedals get close to 300 dollars. This list is far more than just ranking the best pedal exerciser by price. We like to try every product we list and ask professional that have used the products before. So, quality and features of the products are the main focus.

Pedal exercise machines are one of the most convenient exercise equipment that is available on the market today. They are quite small and don’t occupy a lot of space in your home. You can move them easily around your home and you can use them outside. These foot peddler exercisers are a great way to work on your lower and upper body. Also, unlike the other work out machines, they are quite affordable.

Top 8 Best Pedal Exercisers 2020 on the Market

Pedal exercise machines are so easy to use that while you are deep in your exercise, you can even multitask. Place your pedal exerciser on the floor and turn on the TV, start reading a book or do some work. The pedal exerciser is used by people who want to do their cardio workout in a more relaxed space. So, rather than going to the park and running, you can just stay home and exercise.

If you want to have the best pedal exerciser, then one of the 8 that we have listed here will do the job. If you want a stationary exerciser that you can use at home and maybe even at work, anyone of our 8 recommended stationary peddler exercisers will do the trick. A quick note that some of the pedal exercisers are not meant to be placed under a desk. So, have that in mind if you want a machine to use at work.

#1 Cubii Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii Under Desk Elliptical


#2 Deskcycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

Deskcycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser


Coming next on our list is the DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser, which is considered one of the best pedal exercisers today. It is 24 inches long and wide, plus it has one of the widest ranges of resistance. At 130 watts, you probably won’t use it that much in the office because it will make you sweat a lot, but knowing that a small pedal exerciser can have that much effect is amazing. Because the resistance mechanism is magnetic, you will have a smooth pedaling motion that is almost silent.

It has a display that shows you the fundamental values of your exercise like distance, calorie burn and it also tracks your speed. On their website, there is a calorie calculator that you can use in order to see how much you need to burn per day. To see how much calories you can burn, you must put in how tall you are, put in your weight, the amount of time you will be exercising, the distance you would like to go and the resistance level you will be putting your pedal machine. It will account everything you put in and then it will tell you how many calories you will burn.

If you choose to buy this foot pedal exerciser, you are getting Velcro straps so your feet will be in place the whole time, a Velcro tether which is used, so the exerciser won’t move on the floor while you are using it. You are also getting some display stands so you can place you display in order to track your progress. The only downside to this product is that it is a leg pedal exerciser. This means that you will only be able to exercise your lower body. This pedal exerciser is excellent for seniors and people who like to do their cardio at work under their desks.


#3 Magnetrainer-er Mini Exercise Bike Arm And Leg Exerciser

Magnetrainer-er Mini Exercise Bike Arm And Leg Exerciser


The MangeTrainer is a mini pedal exerciser that can easily fit in the category of best pedal exerciser. It has a few different features than the previous products we have listed, which might be the case for placing it in the category of best pedal exerciser. MT has a magnetic resistance system that can go up to 170 watts, which is more than the previous product we mentioned.

Unlike the DeskCycle, this exerciser is for both, lower and upper body exercises, with its ergo handgrip. The MT has a 15 to 20-inch adjustable length, so you can customize it to fit in different spaces, unlike the DeskCycle that was non-adjustable at 24 inches length. But when we mention height, here the MT comes in 15 inches, which is five inches taller than the DeskCycle. The height difference for some people is important, so keep in mind when you are searching for your pedal exerciser. Because of its height, the MT doesn’t make a good office pedal exerciser.

Other than that, the MT makes for an excellent pedal exerciser, with its magnetic drive belt system that makes the whole exercise smoother and quiet, in both low resistance and in high resistance, the work out seems amazing without any movement of the machine. It also has a solid base and its platform and quite wide.

#4 Sunny Health And Fitness Pedal Exerciser (magnetic)

Sunny Health And Fitness Pedal Exerciser


This mini exercise bike, because of its 18.11 width and 14-inch height is one of the best pedal exerciser, because it is so compact. And those dimensions make it super stable while you are using it. It has a resistance range of 80 watts, making it not as powerful as the previous products but enough to have a good work out. The platform that it has is super stable and keeps the pedal exerciser in place.

It is not specified that it has ergo handles, but the pedals can be used with hands and feet for your lower and upper body workouts. It comes with a 90-day warranty, but looking at the reviews online by people who have the machine, it is quite unlikely that you will return the product. Having in mind the price range, this is the best product you will get at that price and plus, you are getting a pedal exerciser that is made by a pretty known company, Sunny Health & Fitness.

#5 Merax D810 Foot Pedal Exerciser

5 Merax D810 Foot Pedal Exerciser


Merax D810 pedal exerciser is next on our list. This pedal exerciser comes with numerous magnetic resistance levels. Although the company hasn’t mentioned the resistance watt, it has been said by users that it can go up to 150 watts. 150 watt is a great amount of tension for a seated pedal exerciser. Because it has both magnetic resistance and a belt, Merax pedal exerciser is quite silent. Also, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It is said that it is for both lower and upper body work out, but they haven’t mentioned if this pedal exerciser has ergo handles.

Nevertheless, the floor bike pedals can be easily used with your hands for your upper body workout. Because it is so compact, Merax pedal exerciser can easily fit under your desk at work. The pedals can be lowered to only 6 inches. With that height, you can surely use it under your desk. Because of its design and features, the Merax pedal exerciser is quite a unique machine. The pedals are non-slip, so you don’t need to worry if the machine will move out of your reach.

It has a digital display that will track your distance, speed, and the number of calories you have burned. Compared to the other products on this list, the Merax is a fairly new product on the market. Because of that, you might not see many reviews online.

#6 Platinum Folding Pedal Exerciser (Friction)

Platinum Folding Pedal Exerciser


There are hundreds of low-quality and cheap pedal exercisers on the market today. But the Platinum Fitness pedal exerciser is one that, although cheap it has good quality. It is pretty different from your ordinary floor pedal bike because it doesn’t have a sophisticated mechanism and it is super light. Because it is foldable, you can use it pretty much anywhere you like and it doesn’t need much maintenance. Because it is so portable, you can bring it with you anywhere.

This product isn’t made for strength, and that is why the resistance is so low. But you can use it to stay active and improve your blood circulation. You can use it for both your lower and upper body exercise. Because of its lightweight, you will definitely slip when using it. So, to prevent any injuries, there is a strap that comes with the pedal exerciser that can be placed onto your chair to make the pedal exerciser more stable.

If buying, you will receive a lifetime warranty. You have 30 days to return the product. Reviews online have mentioned other than stability. It is a pretty good pedal exerciser for that price. People have said that they mainly use it on the floor. But, it can also be placed on a higher level for your upper body exercises. You can track your progress on display, seeing the speed, distance and calories you have burned.

All in all, it is not as good as the more premium pedal exercises. But, because of its price, this pedal exerciser is one of the best sellers on Amazon today. If you are looking for some affordable pedal exerciser that has most of the features that the more premium pedal exercisers have, then the Platinum Fitness Fit is the one you need.

#7 Sunny SF-B0891 Mini Exercise Bike (Magnetic)


Sunny SF-B0891 Mini Exercise Bike (Magnetic)


This mini exercise bike will cost you about 100 dollars and it has all the features that a good pedal exerciser has. Adjustable magnetic resistance and pretty smooth operation are just some of the features that this exerciser has.

It is also nearly silent, it won’t jerk at high resistance and because of its strong drive system, it can bear more than 250 pounds. When you are doing your lower body exercises, the wide base keeps the machine stable, even if you decide to pedal more intensely. The straps that are on the pedals can be adjusted in three different sizes and the pedals are a good size.

Having a magnetic system and a compact design for the price that his machine goes it is pretty amazing. It weighs only 19 pounds, so it is easy to move around and take it where ever you chose to use it. It also has a display that shows you the number of calories you have burned, the time you have been exercising, and the distance you have traveled. One downside is that you can’t pedal backward.

#8 Exerpeutic 7101 Mini Exercise Bike (Motorized)

Exerpeutic 7101 Mini Exercise Bike (Motorized)


The final product on our list of best pedal exercisers is the Exerpeutic 701 mini exercise bike. Our final pedal exerciser is pretty different than the one before. This pedal exerciser is motorized. We can’t compare it to the previous one on our list because it is motorized, and it has a totally different purpose than the rest. This motorized pedal exerciser is for people who can’t pedal a regular exerciser.

People who have injuries and the elderly are the main category that this exerciser targets. It has a pretty low impact on the joints and the speed can be easily adjusted form low to medium to high. The pedals are motor-powered, which means that it doesn’t matter if your feet are on it or not. They will start to move once you turn on the machine. This motorize pedal exerciser doesn’t have any resistance; it only has adjustable speed. You don’t apply any pressure to the pedals. The motor does that for you. You only get to decide to pedal fast, which can be pretty beneficial for raising your heart rate and for blood circulation.

This pedal exerciser isn’t built to build up burn or strength, but your balance and flexibility will be increased. With this pedal exerciser, you get a controller, from which you can control the resistance, you can change the speed of the exerciser and it also has on and off buttons. This pedal exerciser is pretty quiet and at every speed, it runs pretty smoothly. The slowest that this pedals exerciser can go is 30 RPM.

There is also a digital display that shows you how much distance you have covered, how much calories you have burned, the time you have exercised, and the speed you are going. A downside of this pedal exerciser is that it has short width. This can make the exerciser a bit unstable, but it really depends on how you are using it. The feet of the exerciser are non-skid, so you don’t have to worry your exerciser moving while you are exercising.

Additionally, you will get a mat that you can put under the exerciser to make it even more stable. The pedals are quite large and have straps that can be adjusted. On the top of the exerciser is a handle that makes it more portable. All in all, this exerciser is for elderly people and it is a perfect therapy exerciser for individuals who are recovering from an injury.


And that is it; these are our 8 picks for best pedal exercisers that are available on the market today. When choosing a pedal exerciser, take a good look at its features, because every single one has different ones and some have better quality than others. There is a good price range between all of them and picking the one you need is now made easier.

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