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Kinetic Training Mat For A Silent Workout

If you have spent a fortune on the exercise bike of your dreams and you think you are done shopping, you are wrong. It doesn’t matter how expensive and cool your exercise bike is; it will damage your floor, stain your carpet, or even destroy it with time. Do you want it? I am sure you are saying NO!!! Let’s talk about the Kinetic training mat; yes, this is the solution to your problems. 

The kinetic trainer mat is a spin bike mat that helps you protect your flooring and carpets from the beautiful bike you own. This is the best way to keep your floor and carpet clean. It keeps them from wearing out and keeps them safe from the stains of your sweat. 

Here in this article, we will review the best spin bike mat to see how this will help you train the best way and keep your floor clean. 

Kinetic Training Mat Review

Kinetic Training Mat Review


This mat stands out as one of the best spin bike mats for people who have to spend a fortune on the bike, and now they are on a budget. The size is good, with a length of 72 inches and a width of 36 inches. This can accommodate most of the bikes. 

The texture of the mat is not only attractive, but it also provides an excellent grip to hold the bike still while you are riding. Additionally, it doesn’t soak up the sweat, so you can easily clean it up once you are done, and it will not produce the stinky odor is usually gym equipment produce. 

  • Affordable
  • Thick and Sturdy
  • Not soak up the sweat
  • Easy to clean
  • Do not produce bad odor
  • Not a long terms solution
  • It is not a portable Mat


Things to Know Before Buying a Bike Trainer Mat – Buyer’s Guide

Kinetic Trainer Mat


Though it is not a huge investment, it’s better to know what you are spending on. Our team of experts has curated a buying guide for exercise geeks to ride the trainer bikes easily.

Here are a few things you should consider before buying a mat for trainer bike.


Most of the trainer bike mats are made of foam, rubber, or PVC; they are made of TacX. The TacX mats are not very common because they are expensive. The material you need entirely depends on your surface like rubber mats are heavier than the foam, and they better protect the floors. Similarly, the PVC is a lot like rubber, but they are suitable for carpets as they slip less on the carpets and higher on the floors. 


Think how much you will ride; the more you ride on the bike, the thicker mat you need, or you will have to replace the mat frequently. So think about how you will use it. Generally, the thicker the mat, the less you will have to replace it.


No size is perfect; the best size depends on the size of the bike. You should measure the size of your bike before you find the mat and order it. As a general rule, you should remember that the mat should be a little larger than your bike to keep your sweat off the floor. 


Think of a mat that doesn’t have a good grip, you ride the bike, and it slips. Yeah, it sounds bad. The primary purpose of the Kinetic training mat is to provide support and grip to the machine. Think about it like a good tire for your car. It should not slip after it is wet with your sweat dripping on the mat. 

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