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DMASUN Exercise Bike Review

As a reputed exercise bike manufacturer, DMASUN has been making fitness equipment of all sizes and types for years now. It is a highly reputed brand that has been making contributions to the sports equipment sector for quite some time. Last year the brand introduced its latest model, DMASUN Exercise Bike. 

The brand has come out with some truly unique designs to bring the gym to your home. Whether you are a fitness freak or simply someone who wants to get back into shape, you will find the DMASUN bike truly useful for your purpose.

Keep reading the article to find out about the specifications, features, and other details of the DMASUN Bike in this article. 


DMASUN Exercise Bike – What You Should Know?

DMASUN spin bike


The stationary bike is a must-have in your house gym if you want an easy solution to stay fit. Let’s take a look at the DMASUN spin bike specifications in short. 

Specifications: At a Glance 

  • Brand: DMASUN
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH41.35 x 21.67 x 46.16 inches
  • Maximum Height: 48 Inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 330 Pounds
  • System: Belt-Drive
  • Flywheel: 42 lbs.
  • Resistance: Adjustable

DMASUN Exercise Bike | Features

DMASUN Exercise Bike | Features


Resistance Level Adjustment

The red knob allows easy adjustment of the resistance levels. Working out at the right resistance level is important because this will help you make progress slowly without causing any injuries. It is easy to adjust the resistance level by twisting the knob around to find the right resistance for you. 

Multiple Handles 

DMASUN has designed the spin bike to have multiple handles, which allow you to have numerous choices. You can bend down and grip the lower handles when you want to simulate the real bike ride experience. 

The upper handles let you exercise in a comfortable position while you enjoy watching your favorite music or shows while working out. 

Heavy Flywheel 

Since it is a stationary bike, the bike needs to stay in place for one to exercise without any problems. The bike features a heavy flywheel that weighs around 40lbs. The heavy steel flywheel makes sure that the bike stays stable while you burn your fat on the wheels. 

Transport Wheel 

DMASUN has dealt with the problem of heavy sports equipment that are difficult to carry or move around by adding transport wheels to the spin bike. 

The transport wheels allow you to shift the bike around your house quickly. So if you want to exercise in your bedroom, you do not have to carry the exercise bike all the way and risk muscle or spine injury. 

To move the bike around, tilt the bike and scroll it much like a stroller. 

Big Seat Cushion 

One major problem of spinning bikes is the small uncomfortable seat cushions, which are not suitable for long time use. 

The DMASUN spin bike features a big seat cushion around 10.86″ x 8.12″ x 2.56″ (L x W x H). The cushion is soft and comfortable enough for you to ride the bike as long as you want. The bike provides optimum comfort. 

Classic Color Combination 

The spin bike has a black and red combination, which is a classic combination. It has a masculine look and can support a weight of about 330lbs.

Bottle Holder 

The spin bike features a convenient bottle holder where you can place your favorite drink or water to drink while undergoing some strenuous workout session. 

The bottle holder has a superior grip, and almost all standard sizes of water bottles will fit into the bottle holder. 

iPad Mount 

There is a specific mounting bracket for you to place your iPad safely on the spin bike. It offers a tight grip, which ensures that your iPad doesn’t fall when you use the bike. 

Multi-functional Monitor 

The monitor has an LCD screen. It can track everything from time, distance, speed, and odometer to calories. The functions are easy to use. 


  • The spin bike is easy to install with the help of the exercise bike manual.
  • It can be quickly assembled in just 1 hour.
  • The seat adjustment has four different levels, and the handlebars can be adjusted in two ways.
  • To prevent the bike from skidding, the manufacturers have added cage anti-skid pedals.
  • Water bottle holder and iPad holder
  • Made of alloy steel, the spin bike has a durable design and can take up to 330lbs. of weight
  • It has a stylish design.
  • The addition of transport wheels allows you to push around the bike.
  • The spin bike can be quite noisy.
  • The seat needs readjusting now and then.
  • Bike can be quite heavy.
  • The LCD monitor screen can only display one statistic at a time.


DMASUN Exercise Bike Accessories and Parts

DMASUN Exercise Bike Accessories


Wahoo Fitness RPM Speed and Cadence Sensor 

The Wahoo Fitness RPM Speed and Cadence Sensor can be added to your spin bike without any need for a magnet. It can be easily attached to the bike’s crank arm as well as shoe. 

The sensor is exceptionally lightweight and can be used to track the speed and cadence of your bike on your iPhone or smartphone. 

Bikeroo Large Exercise Bike Seat Cushion

The Bikeroo Large Exercise Bike Seat Cushion has a stress-free mounting system. Use the straps to fasten it to the bike’s seat. Get extra comfort with this DMASUN Accessory.

DMASUN Spin Bike Price

The DMASUN Bike is Priced reasonably. The spin bike costs less than some of the other well-known branded exercise bikes. It is quite affordable and is suitable for both men and women.

DMASUN Exercise Bike Manual

DMASUN Exercise Bike Manual


According to the DMASUN Manual, you must first adjust your seat and then set the heart rate on the display panel. The spin bike can be used to burn fat as well as perform aerobic exercises. 

Adjust the pedal straps as well so that you feel comfortable. It is recommended to pedal slowly for 5-10 minutes before you start a more intensive routine. 

Wrapping Up

The bike is worth the price if you think about the features the bike offers, from multiple adjustment levels to easy portability. You do not need a trainer to lose weight anymore. All you need is a DMASUN bike!


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