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Best Heavy Duty Exercise Bike 500 lb Capacity

There are tons of weight loss equipment in today’s market that you can find and purchase to get in shape. But if we try to find a high weight capacity exercise bike that will bear some serious weight, we may not have the same results. An exercise bike 500 lb capacity is hard to find and if you come across some products, you have to pick the right choice for you.

In this article, we will show you the best exercise bike (500 lb capacity), that are available in 2021. The thing about picking these machines is not only finding the one that will support your weight but also finding a machine that will feel comfortable while you are using it.

Just going online and typing recumbent bike 500 pound weight limit or recumbent bike 500 lb capacity won’t get the job done. We also want you to feel comfortable while doing your exercise.

So that is why we went out of our way, did the research and made a list of best exercise bike 500 lb capacity and at the same time feel comfortable. We have also included bikes that can be considered as bariatric exercise equipment.

Exercise Bike 500 lb Capacity Reviews

1. HCI Fitness PhysioStep MDX Recumbent Elliptical Review

Exercise Bike 500 lb Capacity


HCI Fitness is known for its clever inventions and features that they put on their fitness equipment. This model is a 500 lb weight capacity elliptical that will give you an amazing workout for the entire body. 

It is made to have a low impact while exercising, so having longer exercise sessions will be no problem. The elliptical 500 lb capacity enables users to work out safely and no worry about over stressing their joints. The PhysioStep MDX is a perfect recumbent exercise bike for obese people who want to lose weight and stay healthy. The swivel seat on the bike is fully adjustable and can rotate 90 degrees, making it easier to find your perfect position. Also, the back and the arms of the exercise bike are fully adjustable, making this machine suitable for the physically fit or physically challenged.

2. HCI PhysioStep RXT-1000 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer

HCI PhysioStep RXT-1000 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer


There are certain types of equipment to use if you are trying to make a big change to your body. An exercise bike for morbidly obese people can be found in today’s market and can do wonders for people who are physically challenged. 

The PhysioStep RXT-1000 is a perfect example of a stationary bike for morbidly obese that will make sure you are challenging your body but also feel comfortable while you exercise. With its great features, we can guarantee that you will fulfill your training goals. 

Active people and people who have to do some rehab training can also consider getting this elliptical trainer. There are numerous workout options, meaning that there is an option for different people with different skill levels.

3. HCI Fitness PhysioMax Recumbent Bike and UBE Total Body Trainer

HCI Fitness PhysioMax Recumbent Bike and UBE Total Body Trainer


Coming in next on our list is the HCI Fitness PhysioMax Recumbent Bike and UBE Total Body Trainer. This might be the newest and most innovative rehabilitation product. The PhysioMax has an independent arm and leg motion that allows users to work on their upper and lower body. 

This machine has bi-directional resistance, which means that it can be adjusted to the user’s needs and requirements. It even has a removable seat for the people that are in a wheelchair. For people that have low mobility, the seat can also swivel to accommodate them. The PhysioMax Independent Trainer has other features that include adjustable hand cranks and pedals. 

The machine also has a UBE arm that can be adjusted so the user can get their arms in the right position. There are up to 16 different resistance levels, starting from “easy start” to the max. On the front of the machine, there is a 9” LCD monitor that will show you the progress you are making during the exercise. Calories burnt, speed, distance, pulse are some of the information that you will see on the screen. 

This machine is in the more expensive category of fitness and rehabilitation equipment. But this will be one of the best investments you will make because that the end results will be amazing.

4. FDQNDXF Fine Trachea Exercise Bike

This stationary bike gives you the option of working out at home. If you don’t like going to the gym, this bike can be a great solution to your problem. With this bike, you are getting a 500 lb capacity, durability, and comfort. 

On the bike, you will find a tension knob that you can use to strengthen the bike. There are also emergency brakes installed for additional safety. The seat of the bike is made with high-density padding for extra softness. The handlebars and the seat on the bike can be raised and lowered so the user can find their ideal position on the bike before starting their exercise. 

The bike has a belt-driven mechanism, which is there to ensure smoothness and quiet movements while riding the bike. The flywheel is made to be overweight, so the bike can be more stable, so the user feels safer while doing their exercise.


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