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How To Clip Into Peloton Bike Properly

You’ve finally received your Peloton bike that you have ordered. But you’re wondering how or where to start. Maybe it’s your first time. Well, in this guide, I’m going to take you through how you can clip into your Peloton bike properly without any issue.

How To Clip Into Peloton Bike Properly

1. Get the Peloton shoes:

The Peloton shoes are the recommended shoes used to ride on the Peloton bike. These shoes are essential because the pedals are clipless and only works with Look SPD-SL and Look Delta of shoes.


2. Install the Shoe Cleats:

Now you’ve bought the shoes; you need to mount the cleats. In some cases, the cleats will be installed before-hand, but most times, even peloton shoes don’t come with the cleats preinstalled.

At the front bottom of your shoes, there are three cleat plate holes. Place the cleats facing the front so that they can match the holes. Place the washers on each hole, add the screw and twist it inwards with an Allen Key. Twist the screws very tight to prevent cycling issues or unclipping after workouts.


3. Adjust the buckle:

For your comfort, loosen the buckle strap a bit—where you feel comfortable. You can do that by pressing the button of the buckle.


4. Put the Peloton Shoes on:

After following the above process, it’s time to put your shoes on. Make sure you maintain balance while wearing the shoes. You should settle your foot in the shoes, and your heel shouldn’t be hanging.


5. Legs apart:

It’s time to get on the bike. Your legs should be apart on each side of the bike and hold the handlebars firmly. You’ll get the balance on the brake when holding the handlebars properly.


6. Adjust the Pedal:

Use one of your feet to twist the pedal with one balanced on the ground. The pedal must be in a round position, so the pedal is flat and facing upwards.


7. Add pressure:

With the pedal in the upwards position, it’s time to lift your foot a little. Your toes should be downwards, and the ball on foot should be on the pedal platform. Then, push the pedal to make sure it’s facing downwards. This will ensure clipping in. You’ll get a creaking sound that means the cleats are in place.

When wearing your peloton shoes, make sure it has some space left at the front—like an inch or half. The space left is solely for breathability and the reduction of feet pains when spinning.

Spinning is an intense workout, and you don’t want foot discomfort while having this vigorous exercise.

You can also wear sneakers on Peloton bikes. Some Peloton pedals go with toe cages. You can install regular shoes on your bike to check if it fits perfectly.

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