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NordicTrack SpaceSaver Se7i Elliptical Review

Searching for an incipient elliptical but worried where it might fit into your habitation? NordicTrack SpaceSaver Se7i elliptical is the perfect cull. The name space-saver itself designates how compact they are. The model has vertically foldable frames and conveys wheels for facile storage and repositioning after workouts. In place of taking up half the room, it easily stands in a corner. Even though it weighs a fair amplitude, NordicTrack has attested that folding and expanding the SE7i is a breeze. This is something you would expect as a customer and surprisingly, it is not as facile as many ‘space saver’ models out there.

This elliptical spacesaver has a lot more than facile storage. With SE7i, you can plug your tablet or smartphone into an integrated tablet holder and dive into iFit workouts from there. Thoughtful ergonomic physical contacts include padded foot pedals that minimize the impact of your workout and the integrated fan. The SE7i is preloaded with 24 workouts and also supports unlimited workout program downloads from the iFit database of workout classes and outdoor routes on the 5-inch LCD screen.


NordicTrack SpaceSaver se7i Review

Nordic Track space Saver elliptical


Functionality and Warranty


  • 24 On-Board Workouts
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • 22 Digital Resistance Levels
  • NordicTrack iFit® Membership
  • Integrated Tablet Holder
  • Incline 10% Power Adjustable 


  • 2-Year Warranty on Parts
  • 10-Year Warranty on Frame


NordicTrack SpaceSaver se7i Configuration

Control Panel/Console


The Nordic Track Space Saver Elliptical is composed of a table holder on the panel’s uppermost surface that holds tablets solidly. By using your tablets, you can connect to iFit workout programs during your workout time. Your tablet holder will help you with the workout as a basic elliptical without a subscription or internet facility. Else, you can sync with iFit interactive training with walks and hikes for your NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i. It’s the most attractive feature that helps users without a plan to pay for iFit after the first year.

LCD Monitor

The LCD screen is 5 inches that display large digital numbers that are viewable and are easy to use. More convenient for adjusting preloaded programs, resistance, and incline.

Metric Display

The panel’s metric display is well designed that provides displays with all exercise and health information such as walking speed, training time, number of calories burned, heart rate, and closed distance. The display unit will help you keep an accurate track record of your workout for progress calculations.


The NordicTrack Space Saver se7i elliptical trainers have two sets of handles that are attached to the control panel. These handles are connected to the pedals and handlebars are easy moving. The moving handles elongate vertically to the front of the panel. They are inclined to provide a balanced grip so you can align your wrists, elbows, and shoulders while in utilization. EKG grips are used on the stationery handle so that you can focus on working quads, hamstrings, and glutes on your lower body. The motion of the hands and feet are efficient as they are connected with the pedals. The grip in the handle is spongy as the steel beam bars are covered by cushions. As you push the handles and back as much or as minuscule as you would relish working your shoulders and arms as well, that helps to focus on the upper body.


The foot pedal zooms in and slides up and down the track. They are designed extra broadly to work on the foot of any size. Your shoe will not slip because the surface is hard.


This is the piece that moves when you apply pressure to the pedals, moving the handgrip and controlling the amount of softness you feel. High-quality belts have grooves, so energy transfer between the pedals and the flywheel is stable and efficient. Drive belts with more grooves abbreviate the quantity of slippage you feel when utilizing the ellipse. Most of the ellipticals have flywheels that are from 13 pounds, but NordicTrack Space Saver se7i elliptical have 18 pounds weighs. Rear-drive ellipses cause the utilizer to stand upright rather than a front-drive ellipse, where they are customarily tilted forward towards the handles like a stair climber. Stride length is an important factor while choosing an elliptical machine.

If you are a height between 5’3 – 5’7, you have to choose an elliptical over 16 to 18 inches. Se7ihave 18 inches foot pedals that don’t extend front or back when the machine in use. They are safe to use for users with kids and pets at home. As we discussed above, this space saving elliptical machine helps you in developing both upper and lower body eventually. They work by pulling the handles on both sides, anterior deltoids, lats, and pushing engage triceps, delt, and forearms. 


One of the Eddy current braking system’s main advantages is that it is called quiet magnetic resistance. With no moving or physically contacting components, the mechanism is mute and generally requires no maintenance or accommodation. This type of resistance sanctions you to transmute resistance levels more expeditiously than other systems because it does not depend on the areas moving through the physical space, which takes time.

The 24 resistance levels are set digitally accurately and uniformly. Whether you follow an iFit program or a preloaded workout or just adjust the resistance yourself, you always find the same level of resistance. This is very salutary compared to a tension bubble, which approximately increases resistance but cannot be quantified.


The incline in ellipticals is that changes the slope of your elliptical pathway. SE7i highlights up to a 10% slope. The elliptical in this price range with such functionality is surprising to users. The blend of 10% incline and 24 digital resistance will allow low-impact and raise the heart rate. For better training, this amalgamation will help a lot.

Preloaded Workout 

 The NordicTrack Space saver Se7i Elliptical Trainers is with popular preloaded workouts and are with unlimited workout programs in the iFit app. Each of the 24 preloaded programs was generated by a professional personal trainer. The programs automatically adjust the machine’s incline, resistance, and timer. After a year of free coach, you can get an annual subscription for $99 from the iFit personal trainers. 


iFit Programs

iFit allows access 24/7 with a wide library of workouts over 17000 and more workouts for you to choose from. Integrated Google Maps that take you anywhere in the world. The personal trainer from iFit will adjust your incline and resistance that helps in faster and better results. You can set the most efficacious fitness goals by getting authentic-time and recorded performance insights that will tell you more about your workout so. You can amend all areas of your health and wellness by personalized exhortation on exercise, function, pabulum, and sleep so.

Benefits of NordicTrack Space Saver se7i elliptical

NordicTrack Space Saver se7i elliptical trainers


After grievance fitness

 The users in nursing after an injury and are in the depression of not doing their regular activities can use elliptical. As NordicTrack Space saver Se7i Elliptical Trainers needs less stress on your joints than high impact workouts like jogging and jumping. It helps to regain the full range of motion after injury.

Burn calories

If you are probing for a way to suppress your calorie burn in a short period, try elliptical. Based on a person’s weight, this space saver elliptical can burn about 270 to 400 calories in 30 minutes. The person can be weighed from the range of 125 pounds to 185 pounds. Increase the intensity of the elliptical that boosts the calorie burn faster. Burning a lot of calories means losing a lot of weight.

Increase stamina and cardio

Cardio workouts are also known as aerobics and are part of a regular exercise routine. Such elliptical machines’ main purpose is to strengthen your muscles, heart, and lungs by good aerobic workouts, which can help build stamina and endurance. Aerobics provides your muscles with more blood and oxygen from the heart and lungs. The SE7i elliptical work for both steady-state cardio and high-intensity interval training.

Burn body fat

To maximize fat burning, you require to fixate on the intensity of your workouts. Due to its high calorie burning competency, NordicTrack SpaceSaver Se7i Elliptical Trainers can avail you lose body fat and build your muscles in less time, especially if you fixate on interval work.

Pay attention to integrating interval training to your elliptical workouts with a 2 to 1 ratio: 30 seconds of profound workout, followed by 15 seconds of instauration, or 60 seconds of profound workout, followed by 30 seconds of recuperation. During recovery, periods don’t stop moving your legs. Perpetuate to move the pedals, but at a more gradual pace.

Upper and lower body workout

While using the NordicTrack Space saver Se7i Elliptical machine with handles that provide a workout for both upper and lower bodies simultaneously. Distributing your body and resistance evenly is key to maximizing upper-body benefits. By using the elliptical in proper, they target glutes, chest, back, hamstring, biceps, triceps, quads, and other core muscles.

Enhance your balance

Ascertain, the resistance and inclination are programmed in manageable levels so you can safely utilize the elliptical machine without the utilization of handles. With elliptical handles can target core muscles and work on balance.

space saving elliptical machine


Less stress on joints

When running, jumping, and jogging, or doing any high-impact cardio exercises, a beat takes place in the knees, ankles, and other joints. During NordicTrack Space saver Se7i Elliptical workouts, feet are never lifted off from the pedals that serve a low impact on cardio workouts. Compared with other workouts like running or jogging, workouts on the elliptical will reduce weight-bearing significantly.


Target specific leg muscles

By changing the foot pedals’ resistance and incline on the elliptical machine, you can target different muscles in the lower body. This improves the workouts on quads, glutes, hamstring, and calves.

By adjusting the incline on the foot pedal, they are hard to work out for quads, and increasing the incline backside of the lower body will give a burning feeling. To focus on hamstring and glutes, change the direction of stride as the foot pedals can go in reverse.

Learn quickly

One versatile benefit of NordicTrack Space saver Se7i is they don’t need a long time to learn how to use it. Use the iFit app for further assistance and ask the personal trainers for guidance. They guide you in the proper workout and accurate way for usage of ellipticals that may be best for your fitness goals.

Customized options

As a beginner on the elliptical machines, the NordicTrack Space saver Se7i Elliptical trainer has preloaded workouts, internal training, and other variety of options that help to identify what type of workout you want. 

NordicTrack SpaceSaver Se7i Elliptical Summary

I hope this NordicTrack Spacesaver Se7i Elliptical Review is more educative and informative. NordicTrack Space saver Se7i Elliptical that once you culminate it, you can drop it yourself – and put it abaft a piece of furniture. This elliptical is a good home use for the person who is budget and space conscious. You will be under profound pressure to find an elliptical trainer with adscititious features than the Space Saver SE7i. The reasons to suggest SE7i are that it has a lot of options from which you can select the type of workout that works for you.

From the iFit app, you may get a large number of workouts, extensive resistance levels, incline capability. And SE7i is a space-saving design and everything iFit Coach has to offer. We recommend the SE7i, and the reason behind this is they offer plenty of options to vary your workouts with all the settings and workout programs, meaning that all skill levels.

We assure you that Se7i will never disappoint you when it comes to fitness. Have a happy and healthy life with NordicTrack Spacesaver Se7i Elliptical Trainers!

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