What Is The Difference Between Exercise Bike And Bike Trainer?

Are you interested in purchasing workout equipment and already have an eye on cycling as your main form of exercise? If so, you might have already heard of the exercise bike. You may have heard about bike trainers as well. 

As a beginner in this field, you might get confused by these two exercise machines that may look similar but can be quite different in terms of application and benefits. 

To help you get a good grasp of these two popular workout pieces of equipment, we will discuss the differences between the two and the strengths and weaknesses of each present.


Compare the Advantages and Disadvantages of Exercise Bike And Bike Trainer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exercise Bike And Bike Trainer


Bike Trainer Advantages

Affordability – One of the biggest draws of a bike trainer is its low cost. You can purchase used equipment at around $100 while brand new ones are available at $200 to $600. You can also find modern bike trainers who use computerized controls a little over $1,000. This makes it ideal for those looking to save some cash.

Comfort – As you will be using your bicycle, you can expect the experience of using a trainer to be quite comfortable. Your bike will already be adjusted to fit your seat height, arm length and stem length. The fact of the matter is nothing can compare to the comfort of riding your bike.

Lightweight and Compact – Compared to an indoor bicycle, a bike trainer is a far more space-saving option. You can easily fold it and throw it in the back of your van, in your closet or under your bed, and it can be just as easily set up.

Bike Trainer Disadvantages

Bike Trainer Disadvantages


Potential Damage to your Bike – These things will clamp down hard on your bike and the chances of it actually chipping the paint on bike’s frame are quite high. There is also the risk of the trainer breaking your quick-release levers.

Wear and Tear – Expect your rear wheels to truly take a pounding whenever you are using a bike trainer. In this regard, we suggest replacing the rear wheel with a cheap one whenever you are going to attach the bike trainer.

Exercise Bike Advantages

Higher Resistance during Workouts – If you truly need exercise equipment that offers a great workout experience, then this indoor bicycle will give you that in spades. The bike trainer does a relatively good job in helping you in the fitness department. But, it lacks the resistance that can really put your body to work. If what you need is optimum results in a short amount of time, then the exercise bike is your go-to equipment.

More Calories Burned – You can expect to burn off at least 600 to 800 calories per one-hour workout sessions on an exercise bike. That is significantly more than what you can lose by using a bike trainer.

Access to Spin Classes – This is one of the most popular workout machines today and as such, you will find that almost all the gyms today have incorporated this machine. You can enroll in special spin classes that will teach you the best way to use this machine. Or, you can watch videos online if you plan on working out in your home.

Exercise Bike Disadvantages

Some Require Power – Some stationary bikes will require it to be plugged in. These are the ones with digital readouts and controls. You won’t be able to use this machine to its full potential in the instance that there is a blackout.

It is Easier to Cheat – Since you have full control of the level of resistance, you might get tempted to lowering it, which practically makes you session all but fruitless in terms of losing weight.

Final Thoughts

Those are the most significant differences between the two. It will all depend on what you hope to gain. 

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to train your body for a marathon? Take the trainer bike. 

If you are looking for an all-around machine that will really give your body a great workout, then the exercise bike is your go-to machine.

Note: Don`t forget to buy a bike mat, to protect your bike and your floor too.

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