ProForm Sport 6.0 Treadmill Reviews and Ratings

Are you thinking of purchasing a treadmill to help you workout from the comfort of your own home? There are so many different models currently on the market, each promising to provide the best results for the best quality. The ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill price makes it appealing to a lot of customers, but it offers many great features you can take advantage of. Read on for an in-depth ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill review, to help you make an informed choice for yourself. 

ProForm Sport 6.0 Treadmill Reviews and Ratings

ProForm Sport 6.0 Treadmill Reviews and Ratings


ProForm is an exercise equipment brand, offering a full range of treadmills, elliptical, exercise bikes, HIIT trainers, and rowers. Sport 6.0 is one of the cheaper models available on the site, helping to make it more accessible for those trying to improve their health and fitness.


The model offers an incline range of 0 – 10%, providing a suitable setting no matter what your fitness level is. The 10% incline provides more than enough opportunity to push yourself, but you can still get a great workout at a lower level. The incline can be automatically adjusted, allowing you to switch it up in the middle of your workout to really push yourself. 

ProForm Sport 6.0 Treadmill Price

As already mentioned, the Sport 6.0 is one of the cheaper treadmills available from ProFom and a relatively affordable model overall. The ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill price point is a great middle-ground between a high-quality product and affordability. The reason that the ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill price is lower than a lot of other treadmills of similar quality, is that this one caters mainly to entry-level users, therefore it does not include many of the extra add-ons for more dedicated athletes. 


ProForm Sport 6.0 Treadmill price


The ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill offers a great display panel that is easy to use. The display includes information on the speed you are running and the incline of the treadmill. You can also adjust these as you run or walk, giving you a greater challenge or a break when you need it. It can also provide helpful information on your workout, such as how much power you are exerting to help keep you on track.

Heart-rate Monitor

The ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill also offers a convenient and built-in heart-rate monitor. To activate the feature, all you need to do is place your hands on the sensors that are on your handlebars. After a few moments, your information will be displayed on your screen and watch it shift in real-time as you train. You can use the information to work out harder, or slow down if you are displaying signs of over-exertion.

This treadmill comes with 20 different workouts pre-programmed into the machine. These cater to a range of abilities and have been created by professionals. Choose which workout (or workouts) work best for you, allowing you to structure your time on the treadmill meaningfully, so you can achieve your goals faster.

One of the other great features that is constantly raved about in other ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill reviews is their iFit Ready program. The main feature of this program allows you to download Google Maps onto the treadmill, so you can simulate a running route in real life. Your imagination can take you running wherever you want to go, and this can be a helpful tool to ensure that running on the same spot doesn’t get tedious or boring. 

The iFit Ready program also provides users with a whole catalog of online workouts, curated by professional personal trainers. You can browse the full range of workouts that are available (if you want something other than the 20 workouts already programmed onto the treadmill), and easily find many that are designed specifically for your level of fitness. Once you’ve selected a program, the treadmill will automatically reset to the appropriate speed and incline level, so you just have to press start!


The ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill can only reach maximum speeds of 10 MPH, which is incredibly slow compared to the maximum speeds of other treadmill models. To compare, many treadmills can reach maximum speeds of up to 25 MPH. For some people, only going at speeds of less than 10 MPH might be perfectly fine, due to their current level of fitness. You should always consider what your goals are for the future, and how fast you might want to run when your fitness levels improve. If other people are going to use the treadmill, consider their level of fitness as well, and how fast they might want to run potentially. If you or another user intend to increase your fitness as much as possible, opt for a model that won’t limit your progress so much.


Although the ProForm Sports 6.0 treadmill offers an enticing lifetime guarantee, this actually only applies to the frame of the treadmill – all the other parts and labor are only covered by warranty for a year. Although a warranty (no matter how short) is better than nothing, but this is definitely not the best coverage that’s available on the market. There are a number of other ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill reviews that do mention faulty parts. Although most situations occur when the warranty is valid (therefore they are covered), it’s always better to have the most extensive warranty possible. 

Due to the fact that this is one of ProForm’s lower-tier models, it lacks some of the features you can find in the more expensive treadmills. These aren’t always necessary for your performance, but they can definitely provide a better experience. For example, some of the more expensive ProForm treadmills come equipped with CoolAire fans, helping you to workout with less discomfort. 

Other models can also offer steeper incline options, for people who really want to push themselves. Although the difference of a couple of degrees of incline will only matter to those who are passionate about hill running, for those specific people, this model will not be the right one. 

Pros and Cons Recap of the ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill review:

  • Incline range of 0 – 10%
  • The ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill price is relatively low when we compare with other models
  • Easy to read display panel that tracks incline, speed and workout length, as well as your exertion levels
  • Heart rate monitor built into the handlebars
  • 20 different workouts preprogrammed onto the bike
  • iFit Ready program allows you to run real routes on Google, and download other workouts from online
  • Can only reach top speeds of 10 MPH
  • Very limited 1-year guarantee on parts and labor
  • Does not offer all of the extra features that come with other models
  • Incline not as steep as other models
  • Prone to easy breakage (according to other purchasers)


Final Thoughts for the ProForm Sport 6.0 Treadmill

Pros and Cons Recap of the ProForm Sport 6.0


If you are new to working out and aren’t looking for anything too intensive, then this is a great treadmill. The ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill price is really great for the product you will receive, and for the workouts you can get from it. 

It boasts a range of impressive features that help to improve workouts, such as the easy-to-use display panel and ability to run through routes downloaded off of Google Maps. 

This is essentially only a good investment for people who are starting their fitness journey, or those who are only into light physical exercise. The maximum speed of 10 MPH is not that fast, and can feel incredibly limiting for people trying to work out as hard as possible. But if you know that you will not need something any faster, you don’t need to waste your money looking for a more expensive model, just because it offers greater running speeds. 

Remember to read other ProForm Sport 6.0 treadmill reviews from other purchasers here, to give you a fuller picture of what the machine can do for you. Some people really like it, but others struggled with the model. Do your research to ensure you will be satisfied. 

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