Treadmills With 400 LB Weight Capacity

The majority of treadmills are designed for users with a body mass of up to 220 lbs., which can create issues for heavier users. For those who weigh more than this, working out can become a struggle, and even harder than it needs to be without the right equipment. This doesn’t have to limit your workouts, though, as treadmills with 400 lb. weight capacity does exist, and they can be used by everyone. 

What Are The Best Treadmills With 400 lb Weight Capacity?

Although options are limited, there are some great treadmill models designed specifically to accommodate heavier users. Brands such as NordicTrack, Exerpeutic, ProForm and Sole all have treadmills for people who weigh more than 220 lbs. These brands sell models that have maximum capacities of 300 lbs., 350 lbs., and even 400 lbs., safe and easy to use for everyone. Although treadmills with heavier weight capacities are inevitably more expensive than alternatives, this can be beneficial in the long run. By nature, these treadmills are sturdy and designed to withstand extra weight. They often last a lot longer, many of them come with a warranty, and some models also provide user guides to help beginners start their fitness journey.

Listed below are some of the best treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity:

Before getting further into detail about each specific treadmill, it can be helpful to understand some of the benefits of investing in treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity.

  • A treadmill that is capable of handling weights of up to 400 lbs are perfect for everyone. You don’t actually need to be a heavier person to use the machine. It will still function fine. If you have family members who want to get fit as well, it is smarter to invest in a single treadmill that you can all use, instead of having to buy separate ones.
  • Treadmills with 400 lb weight capacityare often designed to last a lot longer than their counterparts aimed at lighter users. Manufacturers of treadmills for heavier people need to be able to ensure that the machine can withstand the heavier weight, so they use sturdier parts that aren’t going to buckle. These machines will also often come with a warranty for added peace of mind, so you know you are covered if something does happen to go wrong. 
  • Although treadmills with a higher weight capacity are more expensive, this can actually be cost-effective in the long run. They are made from parts that are better quality and tend to last longer, and usually, they require less maintenance than a standard model. If you use a treadmill with a maximum weight limit of 400 lbs, yet you are significantly below this threshold, it’s putting less stress and tension on the machine, and it can last even longer.

BestTreadmills with 400 lb Weight Capacity:

It’s important to recognize that regardless of weight, there is no better time to start getting active and healthy. A treadmill is a great machine to help support your fitness journey and should be accommodating for all sizes in the gym and at home. Here are some of the best models that are currently on the market, designed specifically for maximum weights of 400 lbs.

Exerpeutic TF1000 – Ultra High Capacity – Walk to Fitness – Electric Treadmill

Treadmills with 400 lb Weight Capacity


This is one of the cheapest models that are capable of handling weights of up to 400 lbs without a problem. The Exerpeutic TF1000 is explicitly designed for home users and can be simply folded up when not in use.

This is a great model for users who are beginners in their fitness journeys. It offers a simple display panel for easy use and for more safety. One of the only downsides to this model is that its maximum speed is only 4.0 MPH. This is very low compared to some of the other models in this list. Depending on your fitness journey, a maximum speed of 4.0 MPH might be totally fine, but for others looking to progress further, it might be worth investing in an alternative that won’t hinder your progress later on.

  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty/built to last
  • Can be folded when not in use for easy storage
  • Quiet when in use
  • Perfect for home use
  • Cheap
  • Does require somewhat difficult assemblage
  • Offers a relatively low maximum speed of 4.0 MPH


Final thoughts on the Exerpeutic TF1000 – Ultra High Capacity – Walk to Fitness – Electric Treadmill:

This is a great treadmill for those who are new to treadmills and want a safe first experience. It caters to all people up to its maximum weight of 400 lbs without any issues and comes with a few unique safety features to help improve your confidence. Setting it up can be somewhat of a challenge, but you are provided with a setup manual. Also, if you buy directly from the company, you have access to excellent customer support.

Sole F85 Treadmill (Highly Recommended)

Sole F85 Treadmill


If the TF1000 was designed for the home, the Sole F85 is the perfect model for the gym. Like all the other treadmills with 400 lb weight capacitythe Sole F85 is made from quality parts, and it is built to last. This is a slightly more expensive model, but it offers a wider range of workout features.

The Sole F85 has one of the largest running decks available. Also provides an incline setting of up to 15%, allowing you to push yourself as much as possible. Perhaps the only downside to this is that it is bulkier than some of the other choices. But, it can also be folded down for easy storage when not in use.

Out of all of the treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity, this treadmill offers one of the best warranties available, something to consider when looking to purchase. Sole provides a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor and desk of the treadmill. Also offers a five-year warranty on all of the other parts. 

  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Can be easily folded away when not in use
  • Offers users a number of different programs
  • The LCD touch system is easy to navigate
  • Extra-large deck
  • Long-lasting warranty
  • Expensive
  • Bulky


Final thoughts on the Sole F85 Treadmill:

If you are serious about getting and using a treadmill, this is one of the best models on the market. Although it’s definitely on the expensive side. And in the event that something does break, you have an excellent warranty to fall back on. 

Bowflex Treadmill BXT216

Bowflex Treadmill BXT216


This model is another one of the treadmills with 400 lb weight capacityand it is designed for commercial use. It has excellent user reviews and provides great user experience, making this a good option for people who want to get fit. 

This model is designed specifically for obese users, but anyone else can also have a great time on it. The deck is also high-density, reducing the impact on your knees when you run.

Made from high-quality parts that are durable and designed to last. This model also boasts for some of its parts (specifically the frame, motor, and the deck). This machine offers a diverse range of programs that are suitable for a full range of fitness levels. Once you have this treadmill, there will be no reason to replace it. 

Out of all of the treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity, this one offers the most exciting user interface. The BXT216 comes with a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth capabilities (so you can listen to music through your phone), and a 9-inch display screen that can show street view when connected to the JRNY app. 

  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Offers 11 different workout programs
  • Wide deck for easy use
  • Specifically designed for obese users
  • Strong motor
  • Quiet when in use
  • Bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • Expensive
  • Requires significant assemblage that can be difficult


Final thoughts on the Bowflex Treadmill BXT216:

This treadmill is another model that is slightly more expensive up front, but its lifetime warranty and durable nature make it a smart investment. The BXT216 caters to all fitness levels through its full range of programs.

Buying recommendations for treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity

Know your expectations when it comes to buying a treadmill with a heavier maximum capacity. If you know it will only ever be used for light physical exercise, there really is no need to go and buy one of the more expensive models with a range of features designed for people who want to use it for heavier exercise, and for running at faster speeds. Conversely, if you are purchasing a treadmill that will be used communally, it’s always a great idea to cater to everyone’s fitness levels and expectations, to avoid having to buy a stronger machine later on. 

Out of all of the treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity, which is the best?

For people who are willing to invest the money, the Sole F85 is probably the best model on the market. It is more expensive, but you are rewarded with more features and a stronger machine with different programs for all fitness levels. The quality is unmatched, and the lifetime warranty means you don’t have to worry about replacing it. 



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