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Best Rowing Gloves – Reviews

When you think of rowing gloves, you might think it is a simple decision and does not require much input. However, this is not the case. Like other sporting gadgets or equipment, you need to make various considerations to achieve safety and comfort. Many professional rowers will advise most beginners that there is no reason to wear gloves. Nonetheless, there are negative aspects of not having a glove while rowing when you think about it. You will have to deal with calluses and potential blisters, which can be a result of using a rowing machine. 

Before you can decide to buy the best rowing machine gloves, it would be best to start by considering what exactly is required and understand why most people will prefer to wear them. By doing so, you will find out whether it is something that is ideal for you and whether it will have any merits for your situation. Numerous athletes will quickly agree that rowing is an ideal sport or activity since it gives a full workout to the entire body. This mainly involves both the upper and lower body. Since the whole body is involved, it will mean that various parts of the body are exposed due to the regular routine. 

During rowing, one of the main areas that are affected is the hands, which is used to provide a continuous grip and movements as one works out. The push and pull involved will definitely cause friction. If not well monitored, it can easily cause painful blisters and later lead to hardened calluses

Research has proven that there are serious rowers out there who still prefer not to wear gloves and instead develop calluses as a badge of honor. Still, many rowers do not like the appearances of calloused hands. There are numerous other reasons as to why you need to wear gloves when rowing.

The Necessity of Wearing Gloves When You Row 

rowing machine gloves


If you are new to the world of rowing machines, then you need to have a clear understanding of why you may need to buy the best rowing gloves out in the market. Some of the important reason include:

Avoid Calluses and Painful Blisters 

One of the main reasons why rowers need gloves is preventing the development of blisters and calluses. If you are new to rowing, you will find blisters very common and quite painful. Acquiring hard patches on your skin (calluses) is another side effect of continuous rowing due to the friction created. The only benefit of getting calluses is that they toughen the skin and as you continue rowing, it will make the session less painful every time. However, they have a negative appearance and most people do not like how they look.

Improve Your Rowing 

Gloves for rowing machine prevent your hands from getting damaged or suffering from unnecessary side effects. With this in mind, it will directly affect your row session. Gloves make it safer and more efficient to row. Thus, in the long run, you will be able to have longer workout sessions and improve on your row without worrying about hurting your hands.

Prevent Your Palms from Sweating 

Rowing without gloves will automatically cause one to sweat and have a sweaty palm, which can make your hands slippery. This will make rowing difficult and also increase friction. Sweaty palms can be quite uncomfortable and also can lead to the formation of painful blisters.


The rowing machine is Too Big 

If you have a rowing machine that is large or too big for you when you grip, it can be difficult to row during your workout session, and this will increase the friction in your hands. When you buy the right kind of gloves, it will make the process much easier and help make your grip more comfortable and also avoid other issues. 

These are just a few of the important reasons why you need to invest in the best rowing gloves. Calluses formation is the main reason why many people will wear gloves. By wearing them, you will prevent the formation of calluses and ensure that you have longer row workouts. 

Best Rowing Gloves 

1. Hornet Watersports Rowing Gloves 

Hornet Watersports Rowing Gloves 


This type of gloves is preferred because it offers super grip. It does not let the paddle slip into the water or for the user to lose grip when using the rowing machine. A palm potion of the gloves is super anti-slip and it is made using only durable silicone. 

Hornet gloves protect the hands of the user against any blisters or development of the calluses. The gloves have been designed for both men and women, so they will not limit the dexterity. 

The gloves are small and light enough to be put into the gym bag and they can be washed into a washing machine. Besides rowing, the gloves may also be used for other training like paddle boarding, kayaking and sculling. For anyone who is not happy with the gloves, he will get his money back.  

These gloves will make a difference since they are grippy and thin and they cannot slip away. The size can be confusing, so it is advised to do the measurement well before deciding on the size to buy.  


2. NANOHERTZ Gloves 



Nanohertz gloves have been ergonomically designed to strike the right balance between comfort and versatility. Because the design is an open hand, it means that the hands will not sweat too much and the gloves focus more on protecting the vulnerable parts of a hand which are affected by workouts. The gloves can be used for rowing, chin up, cross-training, weight lifting and powerlifting. It can also be used for cycling and tennis. 

Protection of the hands: the gloves are with non slip silicone rubber on the palm to ensure high traction and it will not let the hand slide off. The loops on the four fingers with the strap ensure that the grip is kept in place. The palm was cushioned and it will offer support and comfort while it gives reliable hold over the weights. With the gloves, the user should not worry about skin tears, hand rips or hand blisters. 

No sweating: since the entire hand will not be covered as it happens with the typical glove, it is easy to get rid of the sweat first. 

Comfort: the gloves were designed well, keeping in mind the hands’ comfort and ability to breathe easily even with an intense workout. 

However, they are not as comfortable since they cover only some parts of the fingers and are not long-lasting. 


3. Sculling and Rowing Gloves 

Sculling and Rowing Gloves 


The gloves are made with 80 percent polyester and 20 percent of polyurethane. The thumb is made with 100 percent silicone, while the trim is 100 percent nylon. It has a Velcro closure. The gloves are lightweight and field-tested. These gloves are designed by both coaches and rowers. 

The gloves are flexible and sturdy. The silicone pattern near the palm will promote a positive grip whenever it is needed and it will work even if it is wet. The glove has been approved to be used in Olympic and international competitions. It helps with the development of calluses, but without the need to rip the skin, so the wearer will focus more on the technique. 

These gloves are being made in the USA under The Crew Stop. They are super comfortable, lightweight and soft. These gloves are designed just for rowing. The lower finger and open back design help with cooling because of the airflow and freedom in movement. 

The polyester material can stretch laterally to offer comfort, but not in longitude, so there is no need to worry about rolling or bunching. With these gloves, there will be no need for band-aids, tape or worrying about infection. 

However, the gloves do not last long. They are also not recommended to use on raw and open wounds. 


4. KANGBUKE Workout Gloves 

KANGBUKE Workout Gloves 


The gloves are comfortable and they are made in lightweight microfiber. They are the best choice for a comfortable workout because of breathable mesh at the back and it keeps the hands dry. The pull tabs over the fingers ensure that the gloves may be pulled away easily. The hands will be kept dry, regardless of how many hours you are rowing. 

The dual straps are made in high-quality material and they offer wrist protection. They are the perfect fit and they will protect the arms against spraining. The gloves do have gel printed palms that prevent any injury and slippage.  

With full palm protection, it is possible to get a stronger grip in few seconds. The silicone gel palm offers a good grip and will prevent injury. With these gloves, there is no need to worry about calluses or torn hands.

The gloves are versatile and they can do more than just rowing. They can be used for barbell, kettlebell, gymnastic, powerlifting and pulls up. The gloves are designed in different sizes and they can fit anyone, adults, girls, women and men.  

However, the gloves can make it hard to grip and if they are not dried well, the hands may stink. 


5. Premium Leather Workout Gloves

Premium Leather Workout Gloves


These gloves guarantee hand protection since they are padded with leather and they will protect the hands against calluses and reduce the discomfort caused by friction. The designers were careful, and they ensured that whenever there is any problem with their product, they will be ready to answer and they guarantee their gloves for a lifetime.  

Palm padding: the gloves are designed for both women and men. 

They are made using a durable cushion for the palm padding and this supports the hand during strenuous activity. 

Dexterity: the fitness gloves do have an ideal finger length to ensure control and an accurate feel. The gloves also use breathable materials with breathable holes that promote air circulation to offer dry comfort.  

These gloves are not only designed for rowing. They may also be used for other training for weight lifting, wheelchair, TRX, powerlifting, kayaking and biking. Trainees prefer these gloves and they have been voted the best gloves for both versatility and functionality. These gloves are with double stitched to ensure durability. 


6. Full Finger Black Rowing Gloves

Full Finger Black Rowing Gloves


These gloves offer a super grip on the palm side, which is made using anti-slip material and silicone. With these gloves, the paddle cannot slip into the water and there is no way to lose the grip while rowing on the rowing machine. 

The gloves are designed to protect the hand from painful blisters or developing calluses. Both genders can wear these gloves and they do not interfere with dexterity. The fabric at the backside is flexible, lightweight and fast drying. These full finger gloves may be used for other activities like kayaking, sculling, sailing, fishing and paddle boarding. The gloves offer an easy fit from the Velcro adjustment used. 

People love to use gloves, especially those who have sweaty hands or who suffer blisters easily. Some people may have tried different gloves, grip pads or rowing tape, but they settled for these gloves. The best part is that they are full-finger, so they will protect any part of the hands when rowing.   

With the good grip and the comfort from these gloves, there is nothing to worry about. The gloves can be adjusted to ensure that the gloves fit perfectly, not too loose or too tight.  

If you need the hands for the training that will require dexterity, then these gloves will become a hindrance. 

The problem with these gloves is that you will have to be careful while taking them off. If you do it faster, then the fingers will turn inside out and it will take time to get them out again. 


7. Crew Stop Pair of Rowing Gloves & Gym Gloves

Crew Stop Pair of Rowing Gloves & Gym Gloves


If you like rowing, the hands are the first part that can be affected by this activity. Blisters start and afterwards, the calluses come. Even with people who have already calluses should be careful if they want to increase the rowing period, mostly in wet or warm condition, since this will increase the chance of getting blisters. 

With these gloves, it is possible to increase the rowing period without worrying if the calluses may get thick or get more blisters. The gloves are comfortable and lightweight, and they are designed for rowing. 

The silicone pattern with the snug fit over the palms will promote a positive grip over the oar. The lower finger and open back design will allow freedom of movement and airflow. The users will still suffer calluses, but they will not have blisters and the ripped skin will not ruin the good row. The gloves should be washed in soapy and hot water after each use and hang dry to ensure the best results. 

The workmanship is not good; however, compared to the price, there is nothing to worry about. You may not also be able to use them for something else other than rowing. 


8. NRS Men’s boater gloves

NRS Men’s boater gloves


The gloves are made using the guard material that will help in keeping the hands dry faster. Wet fingers will lead to many problems. The guard material will save the user from that problems. The fingers are open to ensure that you have the freedom to use them for whatever you want. 

The palm was designed with synthetic leather to ensure comfort. The user should be comfortable while paddling and rowing. 

When the user fails to achieve this, then row usage can become hard. The leather palm helps in reducing the disturbance and it makes the rowing enjoyable. 

The polyurethane pads are sticky to ensure a wonderful and easy grip. A comfortable grip is needed for the paddle handle with rower’s hands. The vents have held within the palm and the holes do allow wind inside to make sure that the inner side does not heat. The gloves are available in blue and black and these are two royals’ colors that many people like.

With these gloves, the user will be assured of cool hands, comfortable design, excellent grip, free fingers, and dry hands faster. When you decide to buy rowing gloves, you have to look for a ventilation system, material, slip fewer grips, durability and sweat absorbing materials. These gloves have all of these. 

The gloves may look cute, but they may turn uncomfortable as time passes. You may have to buy new gloves if these became uncomfortable or pinch the hands. 


9. Fit Four The Neo Grip Glove

Fit Four The Neo Grip Glove


The best part about these gloves is that they are handmade. They are made with 90 percent of Neoprene and 10 percent of silicon. The pair is designed not only for rowing but for other activities like pull-ups, weight lifting and yoga. The gloves will guard the fingers, regardless if you want to lift a large weight rod and or row on the boats. The fingers will be free without causing any hassle.  

The silicone grip pads offer mobility. In addition to the grip, the gloves also have good traction so that you will not risk your fingers for any reason. When you have these gloves, you will not worry about slipping. The silicone palm will avoid slipping since the gloves will be stable at hand. 

It is time to get the gloves if you think about the workout or the rowing competition. 

It is important to get the right pair of gloves. Modern gloves have important features like ventilation that will keep the hands cool with a softer part inside to not become sweaty. The closure system is used to fit the gloves for different occasion or for different people. 

The rowing gloves have been designed to ensure the fingers are free since the place that gets hurt most of the time are protected. 

With these gloves, you may be careful with the size you choose. The size may be different from others, so the one you buy, may end up in the small size and you may have to order one size over. 


10. RIMSports workout gloves

RIMSports workout gloves


If you want to get the right gloves to use with the rowing machine, then this is the right pair to consider. The non-slip gloves use leather padding and may be used for rowing machines, fitness training and weight lifting. It has breathable mesh Velcro straps with a quality grip. The gloves work flawless, and they are durable and light. They look good on both women and men and they do offer a snug fit. The gloves are in bright colors, which may fit any outfit you take to the gym. 

The materials used are spandex and lycra, while the thumbs are made from premium leather. The gloves can be bought in X-large, large, medium, small and x-small. 

The gloves are available in many colors. They can be used for women and men and they are multipurpose. They are lightweight, even with thick padding with Velcro straps that ensure the best fit. With these gloves, you will be assured of a steady grip that is important when rowing. The right grip ensures fewer blisters while it prevents any sprain.  

You may not be able to use them for other training and they may not last long. 


Guide to Buying the Best Pair of Gloves

gloves for rowing machine

Once you realize the importance of gloves for a rowing machine, it is necessary to get a pair of gloves that is best suited for you. A good and quality rowing glove can also be used in other important activities (such as yoga, weight lifting or any other workout session). As a beginner, there is plenty of reason for you to go to your local shop and get the best gloves. 

The current gloves in the market have a modern touch and come with numerous features to ensure that people will have a comfortable rowing session. Some vital features include proper ventilation, soft interior design and the capacity to absorb sweat. 

Currently, there are so many gloves in the market and one might get confused when they start their journey of finding the best gloves. Buying or finding the most appropriate gloves might be an engaging process since not all gloves are ideal as they claim to be.

How to Pick a Suitable Pair of Rowing Gloves 

For someone new, will be difficult to buy the best rowing gloves, and it is the main reason why most people will just buy the first glove that they see without getting well informed. When you make a quick internet search on gloves, you will get numerous search results, but you should not just buy the first one you see. It is important to make the necessary considerations so that you get the best pair of gloves for your needs. At the end of the day, you want a glove that is able to last and provide you with the necessary features to help you comfortably row. 

What to Look for in a Rowing Glove 

The journey to finding the perfect indoor rowing gloves will be successful once you choose the right pair out there. You will quickly realize that there are several types and styles of gloves in the market. However, all have the main purposes, to ease the friction that is created in rowing. The type of gloves you choose will mainly depend on your personal preference.

From traditional gloves to modern designed gloves, the style of gloves you choose needs to be a proper fit for you. If the gloves are loose or too tight, it will increase friction, which will not help you. As you prepare to go hunting for your exact pair of gloves, it is best that you measure your hand before you start shopping. You need to know your exact hand size so that you have an easier time finding the most appropriate gloves. 

Getting a proper size of the hand will involve holding your hand up and fingers stretched. The circumference of the hand is what really matters. One needs to get a tap measures while the hand is fully stretched and take the size of the widest part of the palm (between the thumb and forefinger). The fingers need to be completely stretched also. It is necessary to use your best approximation so that you get the accurate size of your hand types. To avoid buying a completely wrong glove, make sure to measure your hand before buying. 

One at the shop, you will quickly find out that there are different types of gloves out there. The different types of gloves out there can easily be grouped into three categories, each with its own merits and demerits. It is all about choosing the type of style that best suits your preferences. A few examples include:

Rowing Gloves 

These are the normal type of gloves and are designed to be specifically for rowing purposes. However, they can still be used for other types of workouts. Traditional gloves should not have more than three or four fingers and need to be designed in such a way that they are breathable (well-ventilated). 

Rowing pads

Rowing pads are goring in popularity and they are an ideal option for indoor rowers. Pads are quite easy to put on and allow one’s hand to be comfortable and well-ventilated.


When you see a rowing grip for the first time, you will notice that it is a hybrid of pads and gloves. Grips have been designed only to protect the part of your hand that gets blisters. They are ideal for most since they allow one’s hands to be comfortable and breathe during the row session.


This is a modified type of gloves that entails a combination of each of the above type of gloves. It is a glove designed to cover the entire hand and fully protect it. They are also used in numerous other activities. 

To be satisfied, you need to make sure that the gloves that you decide to buy are a perfect match for you. Buying a good pair of rowing gloves is not a must but will prove to be a smart move. There are a ton of gloves out there and each of wonderful technology to help keep your hand safe and ensure that you are comfortable all the time. That is what you need to go that extra mile and get the most appropriate glove for your needs. 

What to expect from a quality Rowing Glove? 

indoor rowing gloves


Buying original and quality sculling and rowing gloves means that you are in good hands and ensure that you are super comfortable. By buying perfectly fitting gloves and ones that are durable, ensure that you will not think about buying other gloves for a very long time. Once you have purchased the right kind of gloves, there are certain features that you will be able to benefit from, including the following:

  • Good rowing gloves should be quite soft, light and very comfortable. They are allowing you to have a pain-free rowing session, allowing to totally focus on the workout and not have to worry about damaged or sore hands.
  • Owning gloves does not mean that you have stopped the formation of calluses. However, it can prevent the formation of painful blisters and ripped skin. 
  • A well-designed glove is one that provides maximum grip and ensures that you have a secure hold of the oar during the rowing session, even if the oar is wet. 
  • The material of the glove is ideal to allow enough stretching and also comfortable to the skin. A good glove will have stretched fabric, ensuring that there is no rolling and bouncing. 
  • Have adjustable features, allowing the wearer to customize the glove at any time to ensure proper fit.
  • The glove is washable, which ensure that it is always clean and prevent the formation of infection.
  • Gloves needs to be ideal for erging, which refers to indoor rowing. The glove also needs to be multifunctional, allowing you to use it in other sports or athletic activity. 

If you are new to the world of rowing, one can also get help from a coach who has several years of experience in the proper use of rowing machine. Buying coach approved gloves will also enhance your performance and ensure you get the best out of your rowing workout. 

Preventing Getting Hurt While Rowing 

The main reason you need gloves for your rowing machine is to prevent blisters’ formation and reduce the chances of getting calluses. The formation of painful blisters is mainly caused by increased workout sessions, poor grip and excess moisture. A quality and reliable pair of rowing gloves will ensure that you are in good hands. Getting hurt can be avoided. 

Duration of rowing Session

When you start to row for the first time, you will quickly find that your hands might not be used to the gripping of the oar or handle. The motion of repeatedly rubbing on an object for a long period will defiantly have an effect. The introduction of this activity for the first time will have an impact on your hands. This will bring the formation of blisters. Once the blisters begin to heal, your hands will start forming calluses. 


Calluses will toughen one’s hand and ensure that one can endure long rowing workouts. However, calluses have a negative appearance and most people do not like how they look. To avoid blisters, do not quickly rush to have a long training time. Gradually increase your rowing time so as to allow your hands to adjust to the new rowing activity. Nonetheless, if you want to start with a long training time, a good pair of gloves will help ensure that your hands are in good shape and will not form any painful blisters.

Moisture and Sweat

Moisture is not something you want to form while taking part in your rowing sessions. Excess formation of moisture will immediately lead to increased friction and cause the formation of blisters. It is vital to avoid this problem as much as possible. You can decide to use wrist bands or a small washcloth. But for a long-lasting solution wearing gloves will prove to be the best move in preventing one from sweating a lot during the workout.


For most athletic activities, the grip you have on your equipment matters a lot. Having a wrong grip, especially in rowing, can lead to nasty blisters and also make your exercise session very tiresome. One will fatigue more quickly when they do not have a proper grip on their equipment. The grip should not be very tight, but instead, it should be loose and relaxed. The grip you have on the oar or rowing machine will determine how well you perform. Also, the grip should be relaxed and not holding it too tight. During the sessions, your wrist need to be flat and avoid the wearing of unnecessary items during the workout. Wearing high-quality workout gloves will ensure that you have a good grip.

Wearing gloves during rowing workouts has been a common discussion among rowers, and many really do not see the importance of wearing gloves while on the rowing machine. One does not really have to wear gloves when they row, but it is an important consideration to make, especially if you notice you are forming blister when you start your training. 

The market offers numerous rowing machine gloves, but it is up to you wisely to choose a pair of gloves that will best suit your needs and perfectly fit. It is necessary that you choose something within your budget and match your style so that you have the best rowing gloves.

Why do you need the right rowing gloves?

rowing gloves for crew


You may think that you are tough if you do not use glovesHowever, you can be hurting the level of performance that you may have achieved otherwise. The right gloves protect the hands and will allow the best training.

The blisters may not be inevitable when it comes to rowing since they take place for different reasons. It may be because it is the first time you start to row or have not been able to row for a long period. 

To be able to learn how to deal with blisters, it is important to learn first about the gloves for rowing machine and how to choose the best one.

There are different opinions when it comes to how to deal with blisters. Some people may say that it is better to be tough and the callouses have to form while others decide in wearing the gloves. There are others who say that the grip should be your only concern.

People are not aware of wearing the gloves and can feel embarrassed if they see people rowing without gloves. They will fall under peer pressure and decide to row without any gloves.

Reasons you should try out the rowing gloves

  • The gloves prevent blisters so that they do not form. The people will get blisters if they start with rowing or when they increase the workout.
  • Prevent the callouses from forming: rowers will not like to develop the callouses since they need a clean look for their occupation and they do not like how they feel. Some people may argue that getting callouses can prevent blisters, but there is no need for suffering by using gloves.
  • Blisters will not allow you to row. If you had suffered the blisters and are not yet healed well, it will be important to protect them if you continue to row. Getting the gloves for rowing machine helps with blistering and there will be no need for more damages. However, it is important the gloves to be kept clean to avoid any infection.
  • Ability of rowing for a longer period: the rowers who just start with the rowing can require gloves so that they may rower for a longer period. For anyone who does not wish to stop rowing for some time, requires to put on the gloves. If you do not have time to wait to get the callouses, the rowing gloves is the right thing to have.
  • Sweaty palm: when you have sweaty hands, the hands will sleep and they will not make the right friction. This can be solved with rowing gloves.


What to look for in rowing gloves

concept 2 rowing machine gloves


The gloves should be in different sizes, from small ones to large ones. This means that it will be easier for you in getting the best fit. When wearing ill-fitted rowing gloves may lead to some issues. When the grip is good, it will give enough amounts in tacking so the hands will be glued on the handle. The padding should be enough so that it will offer protection. At the same time, it should be minimal so that the user can feel the connection to his oar.

How to Maintain Your Rowing Gloves 

You know how important your gloves are to you, so it is best that you know how to take care of them so that they can serve you better and for a longer period of time. To be effective, gloves need to be maintained in a manner that their features are still in good shape. The protective effect and comfort of the gloves can be maintained only by applying the necessary steps. Cleaning and care are a vital step in ensuring that your gloves will serve you well. A few tips for proper maintenance of your rowing gloves include the following: 

Select proper size

To ensure that your gloves are able to last for a long time, you need to ensure that they are the right size and firmly fit. For maximum grip, one can try using taped hands during the first usage.


Your gloves should always be clean. Before use, it is important to clean the gloves so that they do not accumulate bacteria. Cleaning the gloves should be done with warm water together with a mild detergent solution. Always let the gloves dry in a well-ventilated room. Avoid leaving the gloves in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


To ensure durability, the glove needs to be well stored. Make sure to keep the stores in a cool area away from direct heat. If kept in a humid area, they can cause the gloves to build bacteria and mold. Also, one can look for glove wallets to keep them and avoid mixing them with other gym items.

Do not forget to keep your hands clean each time before you use the glove. By following the various maintenance tips, it will ensure your rowing machine gloves to last longer. 

Finding the Right Glove Shop

sculling and rowing gloves


The market offers numerous gloves for rowing machine. As an amateur, it is best you find the best shop for your needs. Where and how you shop for your gloves will determine the quality that you get. There are numerous options when it comes to shopping. You should decide to do it online or physically go to a shop. 

It is important that you understand what you are looking for when you go shopping. You want a shop that has a variety of options and one that provides detailed information about the gloves. At the end of the day, you will have access to the best gloves for your needs. Don’t just buy gloves for the sake of buying; one needs to carefully search for the right gloves so that they fully benefit from them. 




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