Biceps Femoris Exercises – Hamstring Strengthening

A sculpt shape is a dream of both the man and woman. People do great workouts to have the dream body shape; some gain success for having sound knowledge of anatomy and exercises; many people do it as therapy. Biceps femoris, commonly known as hamstrings is one of that body part need proper exercise to make the sculpt shape. Regular biceps femoris exercises help to bring great body shape, remove biceps femoris pain, and prevent biceps femoris injury to have a happy, healthy life.

What is Biceps Femoris:

The biceps femoris or femoral biceps are a part of hamstring muscles. It plays a great role during the walk, run, swim, and sit. The combined activity of these three muscles, named biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus, help to bend the knee, rotate it to different directions. It has two parts, both attached to the lateral fibular head. The parts are short head biceps femoris and long head biceps femoris.

Biceps Femoris Exercises Guideline:

A strong hamstring is a must to the athletes, footballers, sprinters, dancers, and people who do hard physical labor. These people often face hamstring injury called Mayo Clinic due to a lack of proper exercise. Besides, high heels of the women shoes sometimes cause hamstring injury for the muscle imbalance of their feet and legs. We present here below a few workouts to build strength and to maintain healthy biceps femoris:

Strengthen Biceps Femoris At Home:

short head Biceps Femoris

Exercise #1:

  • Lay on the flat floor mat.
  • Lift both the legs up to 900. Keep your back and hands flat with the floor and stay on the position for a minute.
  • Take a deep breath and release it at a regular interval. Release the legs slowly and lay them on the floor after a minute.
  • Practice the process three times a day. Performing the exercise regularly will strengthen your biceps and will give those a good shape.

Exercise #2:

  • Lay on the floor and slowly lift one leg with the help of an exercise band.
  • Keep the other leg flat and straight on the floor as much as possible. Make a 900 angle with the body and leg.
  • Hold the position for a minute and keep breathing normally.
  • Release the leg after a minute and do the same with the other leg.
  • Practice the process three times a day. It will help to bring a good shape of the biceps femoris and will also make them stronger.

Strengthen Biceps Femoris At The Gym:

biceps femoris injury recovery time


Exercise #1:

  • Stand straight and hold a bar with both hands. Keep the bar in arms-length down in your front.
  • Flex your keen bend slightly and flex hip lower down. Move your butt back as much as possible.
  • Lower down the bar and touch it to the feet. This process will create heavy tension in the hamstrings if done properly.
  • Back to the standing position applying the same process reversely.
  • Practice the process four to ten times a day.

Exercise #2

  • Stand straight, lift the bar up with both the hands and position it to the back of the shoulder.
  • Start flexing the body up to the hip down to the ground. Try to make a ninety-degree angle with your body and the floor.
  • Reverse the process and stand back straight.
  • Apply practice four to ten times a day.
  • This practice will make the biceps femoris stronger and will help you to perform a heavy-duty job.



We find many athletes demolish their lives because of a hamstring injury. This is caused because of a lack of proper exercise and worm up. Many people also ignore biceps femoris exercises during their workout and ultimately fall in injury. We gather here very simple and easy workout processes to make a strong and right shape biceps femoris and hope these will result well. We recommend proper worn up process before the exercise to avoid injury. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

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