Stepper Exercise Benefits: Big Reasons Why You Need to Try It

Weight loss is probably the biggest of the stepper exercise benefits–but there’s more to it actually. You might want to try pedal exercisers if you’re looking for a simple method to burn calories and lose weight without stressing your joints.

Step machines (or just steppers) are low impact and inexpensive exercise equipment. So, how do they work? Everyone has experienced the motions of climbing a flight of stairs.

Using steppers is just like that. The big difference is that the steps you need to climb never end. It’s a machine that mimics the movement of climbing up the stairs.

You can adjust the duration, intensity, and speed of your stepper exercises according to your current fitness level.

Stepper Exercise Benefits

Stepper Exercise Benefits


  • Burn more calories in less time
  • Build and tone muscles
  • It is easier on your body
  • Gives you a great cardio workout
  • Easy to store
  • Indoor and outdoor options


Burn More Calories in Less Time

Want to lose more weight? Work on the biggest muscles of your body—the ones in your legs. Stepper exercises help you burn anywhere from 300 to 600 calories in only 40 minutes.

Build and Tone Your Muscles

Don’t expect to build a lot of muscle when using a stepper. However, if you haven’t done a lot of walking or stair climbing, then you should see some muscular build up in your legs.

In the leg workout department, among the biggest stepper exercise benefits that you can get are well toned legs and thighs. You will also improve your stamina as your leg muscles get stronger. You will find that climbing up a flight of stairs will be a cinch.

It Is Easier on Your Body

Each stepper that you can find on the market today has been designed with a specific patented technology. They have been engineered so that you can get a stair climbing workout minus the pain in your joints.

Do you remember the last time you climbed up a flight of stairs? You can already imagine how laborious it was and utterly painful. Steppers aren’t like that.

They have been designed to provide you with a low impact yet challenging exercise. This is probably one of the best stepper exercise benefits that you can get. You also get a lot less stress on the soft tissues of your body when you use them.

Gives You a Great Cardio Workout

Using steppers is not only like climbing up stairs, but it is also a great cardio workout. You get a healthier heart and mind by just doing steppers 20 minutes each day.

Easy to Store

There are different types of step machines. Some can be as big as treadmills while others are small enough to fit under your bed. All of these machines have been designed for easy storage i.e., they conveniently fold for easy storage.

Indoor and Outdoor Options

Not all steppers are indoor equipment. Some have been designed like a bicycle—they have wheels. You need to step up and down on the machine so as to propel the stepper. This allows you to do your workout outdoors and indoors as well.

Perhaps one of the best stepper exercise benefits is that it is just really fun. If it is something that you enjoy, you end up doing it over and over again. These are the biggest reasons why you should try steppers too.

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