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High cable rear delt fly is an exercise that may focus on works of the posterior deltoid muscle. No matter how big your arms are, chest or back area, your upper body won’t look good if you don’t focus on your shoulders’ workouts. Many people have a well-trained body: bright chest, trapezoidal muscles, as well as a well-trained abdominal press, but their shoulders are disproportionately small compared to other muscles. While with some exercises like rear delt fly, the shoulder muscles will grow and the upper body becomes much more proportionate.

So if you’re reading this article, would you probably want to grow bigger and stronger shoulder muscles? We hope you`ll succeed. Shoulder training, first of all, requires some basic knowledge; after acquiring it – hard work and patience are needed. But it can be achieved. The article discusses the anatomy of the rear delts (to understand which muscles specific exercises train and how it works), as well as recommendations on what exercises to perform to achieve the best results in building muscle mass and strength.


Shoulder Anatomy

Shoulder Anatomy


  • Your shoulder muscles are made up of 3 parts called delta.
  • Front deltoid
  • Deltoid medial or Lateral
  • Rear deltoid

It is very important to train all the parts of this muscle group because your body will look disproportionate if one is weaker. For many reasons, the middle and rear delta requires the most work, as the front delta is trained by doing other exercises such as barbells, or dumbbell angling, which are some of the favorites for athletes. Unfortunately, exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles do not train the hind and middle delta in the same way as the anterior ones, so these muscles need more attention when doing exercises specifically for the shoulders.

Why Raise the Rear Delta

Body improvement is not just a sport. It is a science and the accumulation of knowledge baggage that will help to achieve the desired shape. It is essential to know that it is not necessary to perform many series when doing military press shoulder exercises or lifting dumbbells in front of you.

There is no need to look at professional athletes who focus on isolated exercises. It’s not necessary to do a lot of drop sets and supersets because it’s not always to the benefit of growing the mass. Everything can be learned by analyzing oneself and sports literature. Everyone is different, so if one program fits one, it may not work for another at all. So try to analyze yourself.

Benefits of Cable Rear Delt Fly

  • Increases size of the rear delts, traps, and upper back muscles
  • Primarily works on rear delt and posterior muscles get more focus during exercises.
  • Cable Rear Delt fly helps in Improving posture.
  • Great for improving shoulder mobility and strengthening stabilizer muscles
  • To improve your physical appearance by building muscle symmetrically is not valuable only for aesthetic benefits but also to promote balance in your body.

Mistakes Made By Beginners and Advanced Athletes

1. Not focus shoulder exercise.

The focus is often on exercise machines and isolated exercises, which are just helpers to grow large, round shoulder muscles.

2. Do workouts with a high number of repetitions.

This defect stops the main muscles’ growth and is especially damaging to smaller muscle groups such as the shoulder muscles.

3. More emphasis on heavyweight

The biggest lesson you can learn about weight lifting and natural muscle building is that more emphasis on heavyweight (80-85% of maximum weight) can lead to better results. Simply, put more strength exercises and proper nutrition can help grow the desired shoulder muscles, not only the anterior but also the posterior and middle delta. Good shoulder muscles can be grown without steroids. You just need to know how to do it, work hard and have patience. We offer the following strategy, which we have tested.

The Best Exercises to Raise Rear Delta

Like most muscle groups, we can do many different exercises for the shoulders, but a few of them are by no means worth skipping. These are the exercises that work best for growing muscle mass in the shoulder area.

1. Military press when standing or sitting

Barbell or dumbbell pressure on the shoulders is the most effective exercise for growing the shoulder muscles. This exercise affects all three shoulder muscles and allows you to lift a lot of weight without the risk of injury. Like barbell pressure on the chest, dumbbell and barbell pressure on the shoulders requires strength and stability, but both can help achieve great results.


We recommend this exercise for 6-8 weeks with a barbell and 6-8 weeks with dumbbells. There are two variants of military pressure – standing and sitting. Try both options and you will quickly realize that standing up to this exercise is more challenging. Exercise, which is done while standing, puts more strain on the shoulder muscles than when done while sitting. Military barbell pressure is the perfect choice for shoulder workouts.


  • When applying military barbell press when standing up
  • Your maximum weight will be less than when sitting down.
  • Be careful when lifting heavy weights (80% + your maximum weight).

2. Arnold Dumbbell press

Arnold dumbbell press is a similar exercise to a simple dumbbell press while sitting with the shoulders, but this exercise has a broader range of motion, so it trains all three shoulder deltas, but the front more.

How to perform Arnold dumbbell pressure

With your arm bent in each hand hold a dumbbell, as in the top of a biceps curl, your palms need to facing you. Spread your arms to each side laterally, then press the arms up while twisting your hands, so your palms face forwards. Finish by pushing head forwards and reaching as high as possible so that your biceps are closer to the ears. You need to start with your elbows slightly raised and upper arms need to be parallel with the floor. This will ensure there is tension on the shoulders, even at the bottom of the lift. Repetition range is between 8 to 12 for 4 sets with 30 seconds of rest.

3. Lifting dumbbells in front of yourself and to the sides

Lifting dumbbells in front of you is a great exercise to train your front delta. One of the most effective exercises in the middle delta is lifting dumbbells to the sides. During this exercise, the focus should be on the middle shoulder muscle. You will not do this exercise without connecting the front of your shoulders but focus on the middle. The stronger the muscles, the harder it is to maintain the exercise’s correct shape, so try to do the right thing from the beginning – lift both dumbbells equally.

4. Lifting the dumbbells to the sides when bent

The hind delta is the smallest and weakest muscle of all three shoulder muscles and should be given special attention. If you want beautifully trained muscles, you just have to include dumbbell lifting to your sides in your workout schedule.

5. Standing Face Pull

The standing face pull exercise will help strengthen the back shoulder muscles and the shoulder rotator. It is mostly performed with the help of a rope attachment. Face pulls target the posterior deltoids of the shoulder. You use a cable pulley machine to pull the weight straight toward your forehead. The rear delts fly will prevent muscular imbalance and build overall shoulder strength.



How to Use Rear Delt Fly Machine

How to do the Rear Delt Fly


The rear delt fly machine is an exercise machine targeting the rear shoulder muscle or deltoids, as well as the muscles of the upper back. Because it targets such small muscles, this exercise is usually performed with lightweight for high reps, about 10-15 reps per set or more.

First of all, adjust your seat on the rear delt fly cable machine so that your chest is against the padding and the handles are at shoulder level. Tighten your core throughout the exercise.

Holding on to the handles in front of you firmly, engage your rear delt muscles (posterior muscle). Pull the weight, focusing all of the tension in your rear delts muscles.

Stop when the handles are at your sides, then slowly return back to the starting position.

Benefits of the High Cable Rear Delt Fly Machine

1. Increases the size and strength to the posterior deltoids
2. Very easy to learn and master the technique
3. Rear delt fly cable helps develop more balanced, larger, and healthier shoulders
4. Works the rhomboids and lower & middle traps.

Remember that it is not only the Rear Delt Fly exercise that grows your muscles but also the regularity and weight gain. By doing the exercises we provide, you can grow strong and beautiful looking shoulder muscles, but you have to progress and gain weight. If you get stronger, so will your muscle. In a good shoulder workout, there must be Rear delt fly exercises that train all three parts of the shoulder.


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