Stairmaster 4000Pt Review: Price, Features, and Everything in Between

Keeping a variation in exercises ensures that all body parts are evenly worked out. Not everybody will have the privilege to maintain outdoor routines. This is why we require indoor types of equipment for home, office, and gym. While the treadmill is the ideal machine for cardio workouts, stair climbers level up the game. An average person burns more than twice the calories on stair climbers than on a treadmill for the same time limit and speed. So no wonder every fitness center ought to have one. This brings us to the ultimate stair climber machine, the Stairmaster 4000pt.

Is Stairmaster 4000pt Worth a Shot?

how much is a Stairmaster




This model flooded the market in the 90s. Today, the machines have improved in functionality and design. Later, Stairmaster came up with advanced models, 4200PT and 4400PT. They are up to date with the current technology. Yet 4000pt remains one of the favorites for the fitness freaks. So what is so special about it? You should know is that they don’t come cheap and are still in high demand. You will never find a firsthand product. 

So is it worth investing in it?

Do you have the space to keep one?

This article gives a comprehensive Stairmaster 4000pt reviewYou will be able to decide in the end. So keep reading!


Here are all the features, basic and not so basic but surely that you can’t overlook:

Two-Step Independent Paddles

The two-step geometry independent peddles a patented design of the brand. This means you won’t find it anywhere else. There are other variants of climbing machines from other brands, which have a revolving staircase system. Both the variations are intended to revive stair climbing, uphill walking/running, hiking, trekking, and so on. The two-step independent peddles design does a better job when it comes to efficiency. Individual peddles sure that equal pressure is to be applied by each leg, regardless of the stronger leg.

High Resistant Levels

It has up to 20 resistant levels. Higher resistance levels are required for someone who is training for building strength, including their upper and lower body and core. Since the range is broad, Stairmaster is suitable for any person no matter where they are in their fitness journey. 

Multiple Workout Programs

The console allows you to select from different workout programs. Each program has preset weight, intensity level, and workout time. So there’s no need for manually entering the information. A beginner can easily handle it. After getting adjusted to the motions, the program can be changed. The variations keep up the challenging part to evade out boredom.

Support and Safety Features

The handrails on both sides provide sufficient support. They replicate the staircase rails. Though not using them would be good for the cores. But for a beginner or someone in an older age group, this proves to be an added advantage. Also, there’s a screening test called the PAR-Q test to check the user’s readiness for the exercises.

Heart Rate Monitoring 

Stairmaster also uses polar telemetry to keep track of heart rate via signal detection. 

A special chest belt, called the transmitter belt, can be used while stepping to check the exact heart rate. There is microprocessor technology on the console that detects it and displays the heart rate in beats per minute. The belt doesn’t come with the machine.

Maximum weight

StairMaster 4000pt parts


It can carry up to 260 pounds easily.

Display on Console

The console display screen includes the following things:

  • Calorie count
  • Time intervals
  • Heart rate
  • Selected workout option

Stat keys

These keys can be called motivation keys as they give a feeling of achievement. Stat keys give statistics on how much you have burned. The data is provided in any of these- Calories, Number of 8-inch floors climbed, Levels, Watts, and METS.


How to operate?

There’s not much complexity in it. The console works similar to any other cardio machine like a treadmill, bike, or elliptical. All you have to do is power up the machine. You can either choose from the preset programs or do the following:

1. Enter your body weight as prompted.

2. Select your intensity level. You can later control it using dedicated buttons.

3. Enter your workout time

4. You are ready to start exercising!

If you need more details, you should check out the Stairmaster 4000pt manual.

Overall Health Benefits

StairMaster 4000pt manual


Stairmaster provides a full-body workout. However, it focuses on a group of muscles, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and quadriceps. There is a lot of health benefits associated.

1. It improves muscle strength, especially on the lower body.

2. It helps in fat burn and weight loss. One can burn approximately 450 calories in 60 minutes.

3. It enhances posture by improving core strength.

4. It improves lung capacity.

5. It enhances endurance level.

6. It can keep bones strong and healthy.

7. It increases metabolism by improving the body’s blood circulation.

8. It improves heart health.

9. Regular exercise on the Stairmaster can relieve joint pain.

10. It keeps you upbeat for the day.

How much does it cost?

Now that you know all about this amazing product, you must be wondering how much is a Stairmaster? The value hovers around $1500. The only reason it does such a high is because of its low availability and high demand. Almost all of them are refurbished, but they seem to function as fine as a new one. They come with a warranty period. So if any number of Stairmaster 4000pt parts stop working in that period, they will replace it.

Final Verdict

The Stairmaster is a lightweight vertical step climber machine that comes with a lot of great features. While it does have its counterparts at competitive price points, this comes from a good old reputed brand. The functionalities are uncomplicated. You can start with this product if you are buying your first cardio workout equipment. If you run a fitness center, you can keep one to bring your members some variation in their routines.

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