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Best Rowing Machine Under $200

If you happen to have a busy life, working every day, taking care of your family, you don’t really have the time to visit the gym. We all know how important it is to stay healthy and exercise is one part of staying in shape. When we take the gym out of the conversation, a home workout is the next big thing to start. We think the best machine you can have at home, to continue your exercise is the rowing machine.

Weight loss, building muscle, and stamina are some of the things that the rowing machine is great for. It is one of the most compact machines to have and it will effectively help you burn fat.

Let us tell you at the start that some rowing machines can cost a few thousand dollars due to their features and functionality. On the other side, don’t opt for pretty cheap ones, if the price is low, it might mean that the machine’s quality is pretty low too.

Fortunately for you, we did the dirty work and have spent hours finding the right and best rowing machines that are in the category for best rowing machine under 200 dollars. Even though the price seems a bit low for these machines, we ensure that they will do their job perfectly. So here is our list of the best rowing machines that are in that best rowing machine under 200 dollars category.

Reviews Of The Best Rowing Machine Under 200 Dollars

Reviews Of The Best Rowing Machine Under 200 Dollars


There are few other machines that come close to the rowing machine when it comes to losing your full body fat. Some people don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on exercise equipment, so here is a list that many people will appreciate. Take a look at the list and we hope that you will find what you are looking for in these machines that we placed in the category of best rowing machine under 200 dollars.




Sunny Health & Fitness has been a company that has been providing the best workout equipment for its customers for more than 15 years. The SF-RW1205 is a machine that has a hydraulic cylinder with 12 different resistance levels, which can all be adjusted to suit your daily exercise routine. The frame of the machine is made of steel, so its durability is second to none. Having that steel frame doesn’t mean that the machine has a heavy-duty construction. On the contrary, its design is sleek and the machine provides an amazing workout for your arms and the rest of your body.

This affordable rowing machine has an LCD monitor that shows you different information during your workout. It shows time, calories burned, and other details. Its seat has extra padding to ensure that your longer workouts don’t feel uncomfortable. That extra padding on the seats helps by reducing the pressure that you get on your tail bone. On the footplates, there are straps that you can put on your feet, so they don’t accidentally fall off. 

Another benefit that this rowing machine has is that it is foldable, so you can place it anywhere when you aren’t using it. It doesn’t matter if you are either a beginner or an expert, this machine will help you achieve your fitness goals. When it comes to its price, it might just be the best value rowing machine out there.

Full Review

  • Steel frame
  • Cushioned seat and handlebars
  • Ergonomic design
  • Foldable
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Not meant for taller people





Another product of Sunny Health & Fitness that will definitely catch your eye is the SF-RW5639. This is also a rowing machine that we can place in the category of the best inexpensive rowing machine. It has a high weight capacity and its sturdy construction means that you will have no problems if you do those high-intensity workouts. The full range motion will burn more calories because it activates more muscle groups. Like the previous Sunny Health & Fitness rowing machine, we showed you this one also comes with 12 different resistance levels. You can adjust them to your exercise routine.

It can hold up to 350lbs, so it makes a perfect machine for the whole family. Because it has full motion arms, it is a great way to even work on your shoulders. The seat is padded and the handlebars are non-slip to ensure comfort. The foot pedals are also non-slip and have straps for more support. The details of your workout, you can see on the pretty bright LCD monitor. We surely consider this machine to be the best rowing machine for the money you will have to pay.

  • Pretty big weight capacity
  • Full motion arms
  • Secure foot pedals
  • Digital LCD monitor
  • Easy to put together
  • Compact
  • Not foldable
  • Not enough resistance levels for experts





Our last rowing machine from Sunny Health & Fitness is the SF-RW1410, which can be easily be considered as the best budget rowing machine. This machine has a solid steel frame that makes the machine super durable. Its LCD monitor is placed higher than any other machine, so you don’t bend over that much to check your progress while exercising.

There is also an option to store all of your workout data so you can compare how you are doing throughout the week. It has a super-cushioned seat for unbelievable comfort. Its textured foot pedals will make sure that you are stable during an intense workout session. The handlebars are cushioned as well, so your upper body workouts will be more enjoyable. This great machine is placed in the category of best rowing machine under 300 dollars, making it affordable for many people.

  • Solid steel frame
  • Durable
  • Comfortable seat and handlebars
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Easy readable LCD
  • Weak resistance at the highest level





The next best rowing machine under 200 on our list is the XTERRA ERG200. You will be surprised after using this machine at how much difference it makes to your fitness. This machine has a performance monitor that shows you different information while you are in the middle of your exercise. Things like time, calories burned, and a stroke counter is some of the information that you can check.

The monitor can be easily adjusted and moved for you to get that perfect angle. There is a knob that you can use to change between the resistance levels. The machine has 8 different magnetic resistance levels, the next tougher than the one before. It differs from the other rowing machines because it has a 9lbs flywheel that will help you maintain the perfect momentum. You will be perfectly balanced with the help of the adjustable pedals. 

The handlebars and the seat are padded, so you know that comfort won’t be an issue. Also, the handlebars will provide an amazing grip if you opt for the long and intense training sessions. Because of the magnetic resistance system, you won’t come across any friction and there is little to none maintenance needed. Having all of these features, this rowing machine can easily be placed in the category of best rowing machine under 500 dollars.


  • Magnetic resistance system
  • Padded handlebars and seat
  • Non-slip footplates
  • Compact
  • Big display monitor
  • Durable construction
  • The highest resistance level isn’t that hard
  • The instructions on setting it up are a little difficult





We had to save the best for last. The Stamina Body TRAC GLIDER 1050 is the rowing machine on our list that we consider to be the best. The full-motion arms will make you feel like you are in the water. It became popular because of its effectiveness and the one of a kind design. The frame is made of steel that makes sure you are staying in one place while doing your workout. It gives a full-body workout, hitting every major muscle group. Its easy-to-read LCD monitor will make you stay focused and keep track of your workout. On the monitor, there is information on your time exercising, calories burned, and many more details. 

The machine has a hydraulic cylinder that is fully adjustable, so you can change the intensity of your stroke. The footplates are textured for maximum balance and there are a pretty bit, which means that anybody can easily fit their feet on them. The arms of the machine fold, so it becomes pretty easy to store the machine. Questioning where you can find this rowing machine, Amazon is the place to find it.

Stamina Body TRAC GLIDER 1050 Full review here.

  • Durable
  • Excellent handlebar grip
  • Textured foot plates with straps
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact
  • The resistance cylinder drops automatically to the highest resistance level


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