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The Best Peloton Shoe Clips

It has become a trend for people to have Peloton bikes at home for their cardio workouts. When getting a Peloton bike, you also need to get the right pedals for it. And if you want to maximize your experience and really get into the activity, getting Peloton shoe clips is important.

This is an article that will show you different types of Peloton shoe clips and in the end, you can choose from our selection of one of the best in the market today.


What Type Of Peloton Shoe Clips I need?

When we talk about cleats, we are pretty much referring to clips that are used in gyms. They are used to enhance the experience of riding a bike. With them, it almost feels like riding a real bike. For peloton bikes, you need cleats that have 3 holes in them, so you can have more stability and your feet won’t slip during the exercise.

Your screw the cleats on with 3 little bolts and screws. The best options for peloton bike pedals are SPD and Look Delta cleats. They provide more support and give more traction when you use them. Look delta cleats have those 3 holes and can be easily screwed on. They fit perfectly on any peloton bike.

The other option is SPD cleats that also have those 3 holes required to have a smoother ride. The holes on SPD cleats are adjustable and regarding your preference, you can fit them how you want so your bike riding can be improved. People nowadays love it when you tell them that they can adjust or fit something like they want to. You are giving them an option so customize the cleats as they want. Peloton bikes only support cleats that have 3 holes, so if you have 4-hole or 2-hole cleats, you won’t be able to attach them to your Peloton bike.

Best Peloton Shoe Clips

It can be hard to pick and choose the right peloton shoe clips. We have sat down and did some research, so you don’t have to. We have a list of the top peloton shoe clips that you can find on the market today.

1. BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta

look delta clips Peloton


We start off our list with the BV brand. When you are looking for quality and amazing performance, look no further than the Look delta bike cleats form BV. They have the standard 3-hole adjustment that is normal for Peloton bikes and they will give you amazing stability and will indeed improve for riding experience.

Even though you will see that they are super lightweight, they are durable and will last you a long time. They provide amazing traction that will help you to pedal smoother.

With these cleats, you get a 9-degree float system, which will make your bike riding experience a little more comfortable. Your foot will always sit on the center of the pedal, even if you feel like it is going to slip away, your foot will never move.

All in all, these are one of the best bike cleats compatible with Peloton bikes, and the brand guarantees quality and longevity. With the purchase of these cleats, you are also getting a 1-year warranty. These can easily be regarded as one of the best Peloton bike cleats on the market.

  • Has a 3-hole setup, which is easy to adjust
  • Super easy to fit
  • You can easily put them on and take them off
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty
  • You would have to set them up yourself, and there is no guide





Our next entry on our list is the Shimano SPD-SL cleat set. Shimano is known for its amazing design and adjustability on their cleats. They offer a lever surface, making the ride more enjoyable.

They make their cleats with synthetic materials, which gives the cleats durability and improved overall performance. There are designed to give you are much support as possible.

Design is important for this brand. They even offer 3 different colors of this model. The majority of people who have bought these cleats have gone for the blue version because it looks the best. These cleats have a 6-degree float system that ensures comfort when riding your bike. It also locks your foot in place, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

This cleat is high-quality and has the best features that a cleat can give. Because of its fine quality and multiple features, this cleat is a bit expensive.

Full SHIMANO SPD-SL Cleat Set Review

  • High-quality cleats
  • The materials used give these cleats amazing durability
  • A 6-degree float system, for more comfort
  • A great and strong design
  • You can use them any single day
  • Because of the quality and the multiple features, they are quite expensive


3. LOOK Delta Road Cleats

peloton bike cleats


If you are looking for a Peloton clip in shoes that will have stability and durability, then the Look Delta Bi-material cleats are for you. They have the standard three-hole system that can easily be adjusted and also is easily attached.

These three-hole cleats come with three screws that, when screwed tightly, give amazing support and will transfer the power you produce amazingly. These cleats come in two different colors. The most popular and the one that people almost always go for is the red model. It has a more specific and interesting design that people seem to love more.

These cleats have 2 options for the release. This gives more safety to the person who is riding the bike because he has a couple of ways to get off. You are also getting super traction making your exercise more enjoyable. All in all, these cleats are high-quality and you will have no problems when using them. They also come with a price that everyone can afford.

  • Affordable
  • Super easy to install and later adjust
  • Pretty durable, regarding the materials used to make them
  • Two different color designs
  • Two different release options
  • Not your everyday design





These SPD cleats Peloton bike users will enjoy a lot. These are cleats that people can use every day and they give amazing support and grip. Unlike the other models we have shown, these cleats come only in one colorway, but the yellow stands out perfectly.

They have a 6-degree float system giving the rider more comfort while on the bike. Plus, your feet will always be placed on the center of the pedal, even if you feel the bike starting to shift from side to side.

These SPD-SL pedals give amazing traction, and the whole design of the cleat is meant for stability and durability. The lock-in perfectly to the pedals, making it safer for the rider. The whole surface of the cleats is non-slip, so the person doesn’t have to worry about slipping off.

They are super adjustable and all the other features make these cleats super desirable. You will enjoy every moment on your Peloton bike when you have these cleats on.

  • High-quality
  • Putting them on and taking them off is quite easy
  • These are amazing for starts and are pretty affordable
  • 6-degree float system
  • Basic, yet interesting design
  • The durability of the screws has brought some concerns


5. BV Bike System Cleats

BV Bike System Cleats


Last but not least, on our list for Peloton bike cleats and Peloton toe cages, comes another model from the brand BV. This model has amazing features and you will see that the traction you will be getting is out of this world.

The design will always be eye-catching because BV always wants their products to look different. They have the standard 9-degree float system like in any other BV model, but here is a little Teflon that has been placed to improve the comfort for the riders.

It is amazing how people have been describing the feeling when riding their bikes with these cleats on. They almost feel like wearing normal shoes, and the rides have been smooth. You won’t have to worry about slipping because the cleats have anti-slip on the surface.

You may think that because the cleats are super lightweight, they aren’t as durable. Well, it is quite the opposite, they will last you a very long time.

  • Amazing high-quality
  • Super affordable
  • These cleats come with a 1-year warranty
  • They can easily be put on and taken off
  • The bolts and screws that come with them are stable
  • Some people that have them say that they feel a little wobbly


How To Install Your Peloton Shoe Clips

How To Install Your Peloton Shoe Clips


When it comes to installing your cleats, it isn’t that difficult. Get your bolts and screws and a screwdriver and screw them tightly, so that they feel safe and stable. Next, we will also give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to install your brand new bike cleats.

1. Get your Peloton cleats

The first thing to do is if you have some old cleats already, take them off and get your new ones next to you.

2. Find the ball

Get your cleats on, and locate the holes on the sole. Next, with the help of your thumb, press on the cleats until you find the ball of your foot.

3. Mark the place of the ball

Get a pen or a pencil and when you have located the ball, mark the spot. Then do the same thing with the other foot.

4. Place the clips on the marked area

The next thing you need to do is take off the shoes, get your cleats, and place them in the area you have marked with your pen or pencil. The marked area should be pretty clear on both shoes because you don’t want to place the cleats differently on the one foot.

5. Insert the screws

Screw the bolts and screws you have and then place the shoes on the pedal. Make sure that you screw them not so tightly because while you are pedaling, damage can occur. If you have some problems attaching the cleats, contact the place of the site you bought them from.




Frequently asked questions

What types and models of clips fit Peloton bikes?

You will find multiple types and models that go with Peloton bikes. Types such as the SPD-SL, Look Delta, Look Keo, and SPD cleats will go amazingly with any Peloton bike. The main reason that these specific types and models of cleats go with Peloton bikes is that they are 3-hole adjustable cleats.

Features like that are important to look out for when getting your cleats. Make sure that the types and models you want to get have those 3-holes. Because Peloton bikes don’t support cleats that have either 2-hole or 4-hole cleats.

Do You Really Need Shoe Clips For Peloton Bikes?

Maybe the most asked question on the internet is, ‘Do I need cleats for peloton bikes?’. These types of cleats are made for professionals. They need them the most for their training and to be safe while they workout. The cleats give stability and riders don’t need to worry about their feet slipping off the pedals.


At the end of the day, if you want your workout to be safer and to fell more enjoyable, then get one of these cleats that we mentioned. The majority of the cleats that we mentioned come with instructions and can easily be attached. Almost every single model we have placed on the list is affordable and you can get yours today. We hope that this guide has helped you a bit in choosing the right cleats for you. The only thing to do is go out or browse the internet and get your cleats now.

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